Frequently Asked Questions

Why are chickpeas good for me?

Chickpeas are naturally high in fiber, a good source of protein, and low in fat. This makes them a great snack for anyone who wants a tasty, filling snack that gives them energy and good nutrition.

Is The Good Bean gluten-free?

Yes, The Good Bean is certified gluten-free. Chickpeas are naturally gluten-free and a great alternative to gluten-free starchy foods like rice.

Is The Good Bean Kosher?

Yes, all of our snacks are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Why do some of the chickpeas in The Good Bean have more spice coating than others?

The Good Bean is an artisanal product. The spices are sprinkled and then hand-tossed into the chickpeas. That’s why each chickpea looks a little bit different.

Does The Good Bean contain any oil?

Unlike other healthy snacks like nuts, The Good Bean is low in fat, has no saturated fat, and is completely cholesterol-free. However, there is a small amount of oil used to help our spices stay on our chickpeas for maximum deliciousness!

How can I get your snacks if I’m in Canada?

The Good Bean has made its way to Canada! You can check if we’re in a store near you using our store locator. If we aren’t near you yet, you can also find our snacks at and

How many chickpeas are in a one ounce serving?

There are about 75 chickpeas in a one ounce serving. Happy counting!

I used to find your products at Costco (or Costco Canada) all the time, and now they’re no longer there. What happened?

Costco carries our snacks on a rotational basis, so unfortunately, they aren’t available all the time. We’re trying our hardest to get on the shelves permanently, and you can help! Just share how much you love TGB snacks with Costco store managers, and this could help bring us in on a more permanent basis!

What happened to the Fruit & No Nut bars?

We’re so glad you loved our bars! Unfortunately, the Fruit & No Nut Bars are discontinued. But keep an eye out for other new snacks coming your way from TGB!

Are your snacks organic?

The 18 oz bags of our roasted chickpeas that you find at Costco areorganic. However, due to the high demand of
organic chickpeas in the market, our 6 oz bags are Non-GMO, but not organic.

Is there corn in any of your snacks?

All our snacks are corn-free!

Do you sell the 18oz bag of chickpeas anywhere else besides Costco?

The 18oz Organic Roasted Chickpeas are exclusive to Costco.

Do your Classic Hummus roasted chickpeas contain tahini or sesame seeds?

Our Classic Hummus roasted chickpeas do not contain tahini or sesame seeds.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not ship internationally. For our Canadian friends, please check out or

Is there a way to buy single bags on

We don’t sell individual bags on our website. You can purchase a mixed case, but it does include all flavors. Alternatively, you can purchase individual bags on Amazon.

Are your chickpeas gluten-free?

All of our chickpea snacks are certified gluten-free. Our manufacturing facility is NOT gluten-free, but gluten is never processed on our line, and all of our snacks are tested for any traces of gluten before they leave the facility. Because our snacks are certified gluten-free, they cannot be released without testing.

Are your chickpeas nut-free and seed-free?

Our products are 100% nut and seed free, but are manufactured in facilities that also process tree nuts. Good manufacturing practices are in place to segregate our products from these allergens.

Are your snacks dairy-free?

Our roasted bean snacks are 100% dairy free. Our Jalapeno Cheddar and Nacho Cheese chips have real cheese and are NOT vegan, but they are 100% vegetarian.

I used to purchase your Smokey Chili roasted chickpeas, but now all I can find is the Chili Lime flavor. Is this the same flavor?

We recently reformulated some of our flavors. With our reformulation, we updated the Smokey Chili to the new Chili Lime flavor. The flavor is similar, but has more of that zesty lime kick, rather than the smokiness of
the previous flavor. We hope you enjoy!

Some bags of your chickpeas say 95mg of sodium, while others say 185mg. Why the change?

We recently reformulated our chickpea flavors. The older snacks had 185mg, and our new formulation has 95mg. Some snacks of our old batch may still be circulating through grocery stores, but eventually they will all be the new 95mg. Let’s hear it for less sodium!