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In the cold pack method the meat is packed raw in to the jars. Glad you enjoy the blog and come visit often.Blessings CQ, Hmm never had turtle before. Just like deboning cooked chicken. What is important is that you are making the effort to not only change your lifestyle and consume less but also to eat healthier. I can always be reached at. The Map Turtles prefer eating meat. Is alligator fish or meat? $173.98. Last Thursday (12/13/2011) I made face cream in my kitc... K, so some of you may remember this guy and that he's been gone for a little over a year. This is the white meat on a turtle. Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2018. Luke comes from Sue Huston in Missouri. Add the beef and 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and brown thoroughly, about 10 minutes. Shop Black Friday Deals Week. It can also be vacuum bagged. The four legs and tail are dark meat, the neck and back straps are white meat. This is how you "clean out" a turtle. Remember to dust low-calcium protein sources with reptile calcium powder, crushed cuttlefish bone, or crushed eggshell. Canned turtle soups (regular & mock) were introduced in the last quarter of the 19th century. I do not mind fishing, but have no wish to clean 'em up;-) He was surprised at the amount of work getting the meat from the turtles. Yup I sure did! I am working to become more aware of our food and the ingredients in what we buy. Standing On Conviction....or Passing Judgement....... Canning Turtle...........Or Snapping Turtle is Foo... Late Term Pregnancy Waddles................Or Star... RockyHill's Practical Guide to Raising Goats. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. That is unfortunate, for while none of us should contemplate slaughtering an endangered wild turtle (which, according to the old books, is anyway a daunting task), farmed and dressed turtle meat is available from suppliers in the American south and west. Wow, really interesting! And yes, they are super hard to kill. Once a thick foam has formed turn your pot off and pour your meat into a colander to completely drain and rinse … I have to say I was totally grossed out yesterday reading your turtle post, so much so its taken this long to tell ya. Hope you and your family is well. If I say something stupid in the future, it is better to be able to point out that the stupidity is mine. Alligator Tail Meat 5 lbs 4.2 out of 5 stars 64. canned turtle. There is some really delicious meat up between the spine and the shell, the turtle "back strap" if you will. It is really good if you ever get the chance! Really... Hello Folks, The Youngun here! I am clearly living a sheltered life, I got stuck at skinning a turtle for a looong time. After taking up the shooting sports I was goaded into hunting. I guess we learn always, Ha! If the Editor were to cook a turtle then there would be matricide. Continue cooking for about another half hour. Return the meat to the pot and cover with water again and now you are ready to cook your meat. Notice the difference in the colors of the meat and broths. Author will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Mostly compared to chicken but it is a much firmer meat, similar to a dense fish. How to Cook Venison and Elk: A Healthy Indulgence, cookies, snacking cakes, pies & more: 5 new books to bake by, with ali stafford. so what do you think, eat it now? He came back by the following day, and was going to move it further off the road. Turtle meat! Comment Report abuse. Our Taste For Turtle Soup Nearly Wiped Out Terrapins. Sally in Seattle, I hope everything is okay with you and yours.......been missing your posts.Lorinda in Indiana. You technically may offer meat to your turtles on the rare occasion, but they will receive the nutrients needed from live feeder fish and crickets or snails. Instructions / Storage. The Malayan Box Turtle’s feed should include lots of plants with only a small amount of meat. If you'd like to comment, I love to hear from folks and I will do my absolute very best to comment back or answer any questions! Alligator and Turtle FAQs. Hi..i appreciate the ideas and this is very nice article and have great information. Verified Purchase. Continue cooking for about another half hour. I like to put my turtle in a freezer proof container and cover with water and freeze. But I feel its the hunter/farmer responsibility to do a respectful job of it. Here at Goodwife Farm, I prefer Kinders ! Read more. My husband is particularly fond of turtle necks. While every caution has been taken to provide my readers with most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. Most pet painted turtles are ominivores and can eat a mix of plant and animal foods. I bet you can't wait until it is time to sit still for a while to do your quilting. It has been so hard without him. Canned Edible Smoked Rattlesnake 3.0 out of 5 stars 82. Sunshine and temps in the high 60's low 70's.....just glorious! Recommended process time for Strips, Cubes, or Chunks of Meat in a dial-gauge pressure canner. 5.0 out of 5 stars Too cute to say. (I actually know someone who can't stomach cutting up a chicken from the supermarket). I read your posts daily and miss hearing from you. First thing you do is put the turtle in a tub (nice and deep and with a cover over it because they WILL climb out of things that you cannot imagine they could ever get out of. My oldest son is also flying in this weekend and we will be celebrating an early Thanksgiving family style dinner while he is here. Home cooks and restaurants could buy canned turtle meat at the grocers, and the animal even cycled back onto high society menus as a staple of gentlemen’s social clubs. Salt may be added but no additional water is used. Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. Stir and scrape up those bits of meat and flavoring on the bottom! Have a blessed holiday.Fern, Hello,Since this silence is not very common from you I do get worried. I then return my strained broth to the stove, cover and heat it up to boiling. $24.99. Next. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Clean off … Once your turtle meat is cleaned it goes into a large pot and covered with cool clean water. You should also never feed canned or dried dog or cat food to your turtle. In the picture above you will see starting from the left the first three jars are canned chicken in broth, the next two jars are canned rabbit in broth and the last jar in the picture is canned turtle in broth. So how in the world do you reduce a snapping turtle to food you ask? Compare Prices, & Save Money on brands such as Vagabond House at CNH Top Contributor: Aquascaping. :), That is too cool! I really never stop canning. Hope that everything is ok there, miss hearing from you. 7 years ago. Canned and nuggets! I mean.....for real.....super gross, which is why you do it. For aquatic turtles, the diet should be 66% to 91% meat some of which may be snails, frozen pinky mice, mollusks, dried turtle pellets and 11% to 36% vegetables including grated carrots, mangoes, mustard or collard greens and grapes. By FDA and state regulations the plant number is required to be displayed on each individual … While your broth is warming put your lids on to warm and heat your jars and pressure cooker. If you are like me and both freezers are busting at the seams then cook your meat and can it. Life the last week or so has been very busy trying to get our small animal butchering done before the heavy winter weather sets in. Then you take them out and wait for the "ping"! Prayers that everything is well in your world. 100% Ground Elk 10- 1 lb packs (total 10 lbs) 4.5 out of 5 stars 28. We also put them one turtle to a tub because they will fight.....we've had them get each other bloody in the boat bottom together, so you really don't want to put them in a tub together for a week! The next day the meat is taken and washed under cold water and trimmed of any fat or membrane. Down to just the turkeys left to butcher and just in time for Thanksgiving. My mother in law just gave me 2 turtles that she found on the road and I wanted to know if they can eat canned papaya and guava or any other canned fruits or vegetables? Simply freeze standing then close, tape and label, these also work great for fish. All of the turtle meat is processed at a FDA inspected HACCP plant. You have such wonderfully helpful posts. I like to freeze as canning and I just don't mix. After 5 years of marriage I am no longer surprised as to what may be in the freezer. Quick View. This is pretty morbid, but we watched the heart of one beat for several hours after being removed from the body, just to see how long it would continue to beat. our butcher’s selects only the best prime specimens of Turtle in USA for us then prepares to the same high standards as we do our Turtle meat. The batter fried was from fresh, uncooked turtle at the time. It's a wild and wonderful ride, full of happiness and the occasional heartbreak, but the one constant is our love for Jesus Christ and our faith that God has a plan for us! And apparently, tasty too! Furniture and linen; Metal constructions for the building industry; Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment; Metal pipework, valves and containers They are very delicious and tasty! This is how I can my chicken, turkey and rabbit meat also. For now I would eat the one that te seal had to be pushed back down on. We all including me have failures from time to time. This is a personal web blog. So the first thing you do is put your de-boned turtle in a stock pot and cover with water. We took him down to the river and turned him loose so that he could be ready to hibernate for the winter. bags 3.6 out of 5 stars 9. The water will get disgusting. So few people know how to clean and dress a turtle I thought it was a good skill to cover. Avoid purchasing insects from a bait shop. Cook your turtle until it is cooked tender and can be deboned easily. I read a story about a biologist who found one crushed on the side of the road. There's nothing pleasant about it. He couldn't save it so he cut to head of to make sure it was dead. One just popped the seal when I moved it to wipe it off this afternoon. Once your turtle meat is cleaned it goes into a large pot and covered with cool clean water. It’s a rich mix of marinated turtle and spices! What do we do with that canned turtle you ask? Thanks for share,Click here:Frozen Meat Poultry. So the first thing you do is put your de-boned turtle in a stock pot and cover with water. I'll have to do a post about it someday! I buy larger amounts of meat (he is in school, no hunting) which he then cuts down for me. Milkwood Gift Ideas: give the gift of skills! Either a hot pack or cold pack can be used. You will enjoy the winter days of snuggling indoors. dairy, gluten, turtle meat, Worcestershire (contains fish), veal, eggs, sherry. All of that meat looks good! Thus far we have butchered 18 chickens, 3 remaining rabbits and 4 snapping turtles. Although time restraints prevent me from answering each and every email I do read them! In hot packing the meat is cooked medium done before packing in jars and adding water or broth. :). We strive to submit to His will for our lives in all ways. Place hot lid and ring on hot jar and finger tighten only. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! November Planting and To-Dos Zone-by-Zone, My very best pumpkin pies are made of squash. I make soups and stews and can dried beans all year round, but the busy canning season is in the summer and i... the Goodwife 2015. The amount of water you need depends on how many jars of meat you’re canning, but you need enough to fill all of the jars. Powered by, "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.". $119.50. Once a thick foam has formed turn your pot off and pour your meat into a colander to completely drain and rinse both your meat and pot well. What does alligator meat taste like? I was canning them to transport and I don't like to freeze potatoes. That's really cool about the oxygen, I didn't know that. Well I'd say a lot of folks wouldn't maybe eat it, or take time to clean it, but we do enjoy it! Once the meat is cooked drain the meat reserving the broth. But most important of all don't get discouraged! We usually keep them in the tubs, in the shade, changing the water every day, from one weekend to the next. Well stay tuned for a blog post entitled... Has the Goodwife lost her ever lovin' mind? All are canned in their own broth, off the bone and processed for the same amount of time. I add 1/2 teaspoon canning salt to each jar (optional) and remove air bubbles and clean rim of jar with clean rag. After about a half hour you will see a foam start to gather on the top of your pot. Snapper is definitely something I'd like to try. I love to fish and when I was younger even had my own bass boat. All Hello, Sign in. Been missing hearing from you. Remove meat … To that water add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and allow to cook on medium heat. Nowadays there’s … I've never had turtle, but I've had alligator several times when I lived in Florida and it is tasty fried. "The earliest recipes for dressing sea turtle were given by Richard Bradley (1732), and ascribed by him to a Barbados lady. Yes, as long as obtained legally, from sourced farms. Processing a turtle isn't for the faint of heart, but it is pretty quick and not that difficult. I don't think I've ever eaten turtle. I then take my turtle meat and place it in a small pot and cover it with some broth and place it on the back of my stove on real low to keep it warm. These nutrients are not available in the majority of meat items that humans eat. Picture Window theme. Hang in there because all canners have that occasional jar that loses it's seal. The Chinese 3-Striped Box Turtle’s diet comprises mostly meat. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. To that water add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and allow to cook on medium heat. Once everything is hot I fill my quart jars about 2/3 full of meat and pour broth over meat and fill jar leaving one inch head space. We named him Big Ern and kept him in a 10 gallon fish aquarium. Did she just say canning TURTLE? Umm...excuse me? I canned my first batch of beef stew and chicken broth/soup minus the noodles yesterday. They’ve been frozen in three one gallon zip lock bags full of ice like a woolly mammoth. The River Cooter’s diet comprises primarily of plants. Hog House 101.....Building Ed Earl and Luanne's Abode...... How to Milk a Goat............or Goat Milking 101........ Canning Turtle...........Or Snapping Turtle is Food Too! Yup I sure did! You won’t find best turtle meat with excellent flavor, tenderness and freshness anywhere in local shop or online store. One year, in early spring, The Man was sitting on our porch and saw something out in the road. Explore discounts on Canned turtle soup. That one I pushed back down and it stayed. Remove meat from bones carefully watching for any small bones. You should give your turtle a well-balanced diet composed of vegetables, fruits, and meat. Looking forward to canned turtle ideas. Turtle is considered a delicacy in many countries and the US and is also very popular in Cajun cuisine. I've got videos of him eating worms. :), I've never eaten alligator, but I'll bet it is good! "Turtle meat has a lot of protein but very little fat and almost no carbohydrates," she says. They can absorb a small amount of oxygen from their skin, which is how they can survive at the bottom of frozen lakes all winter. We would feed him small bits of night crawlers, and then whole worms and small bluegill that we caught. High-acid canned foods, such as tomatoes, pineapple and pickles, will store well for 12 to 18 months. But that is totally ok, because turtle is DELISH! Add To Cart. Never heard of eating turtle! Meat doesn't magically appear in the meat case or foam tray....there's a untidy job that has to happen first. Then Prohibition Saved Them : The Salt By the turn of the 20th century, America's love affair … Nice looking canned beef. These meats and broths will become healthy and nourishing, soups and stews for my family throughout the winter. Bring it to a boil and boil for about 10 min or so.... Then pack your hot turtle meat loosely in a wide mouth quart jar, and top with your hot cooking liquid. I did want to finish my information on turtle though as it is a meat that you rarely see canned. Do not add liquid. Any leftover broth I add to hot quart jars and process in the same pressure canner with my meat. Cart Hello Select your address Black Friday Deals Gift Cards Best Sellers Customer Service Find a Gift New Releases Whole Foods AmazonBasics Sell Registry Free Shipping Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support. Honestly, I had never thought you could can meats. Boneless Turtle Meat 2 lb bag (2) $51.99. Do you leave it in steaks, or cube it…I can’t quite tell from the pictures, but the back L jar looks cubed, maybe? Refrigerate immediatly and cook as soon as possible. Try Prime. Did she just say canning TURTLE? Canned food has come a long way since its invention in the 1800s. Bring it to a boil and boil for about 10 min or so.... Then pack your hot turtle meat loosely in a wide mouth quart jar, and top with your hot cooking liquid. salt and a garlic clove in widemouth quart jars. 139 people found this helpful. Count 1/ 5 lb. What Are The Chances of Having A White Christmas? no i haven't, but our great grandma had this real old recipe book, and apparently she made some kind of locally famous turtle soup, so we want to give it a try. After about a half hour you will see a foam start to gather on the top of your pot. I recycle cardboard half gallon milk cartons for this. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Now, ladle the boiling liquid into the jars, and be sure to leave the 1-inch headspace. You want the turtle to be as clean as he can be when you process him. It clearly states it is a toy, not canned, edible turtle meat. In the future remember to wipe those rims really good before the lids and get everything good and hot. I do try to keep the graphics of butchering to a minimum. We slice that and fry it up fresh, but the rest of the meat gets soaked in salt water, and then de-boned. We fished once a year. Also I am not a free advertisement board if you want to push a product on my comments I will delete you fast !!! You can add 1 tsp of pickling salt if you'd like. Wipe the rim clean and do all the good stuff you are supposed to do when you can, then put on a simmered flat and ring, and process for 90 minutes at whatever weight your altitude calls for (11#'s where I'm at). Sue has bred ... God blessed us with the most gorgeous weather this past weekend. TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE. Then you fill the tub with enough clean water to cover the turtle..... Then you change the water every day. In a large saucepan or Dutch oven, melt 4 tablespoons of butter over medium heat. $19.99 $ 19. $151.71. Strain the broth through a colander or cheesecloth to remove any small bones. He was the coolest pet ever! Sorry I didn't take it up sooner.Having come from that background, I can understand the squeam people have with the butchering. canned meat n — viande en boîte f ... Average meat weights sampled from the catch are consistent with fishing on an old population with little recruitment. All turtle meat on Cayman Island comes from the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm where a certain amount is for retail, consumption and the majority for preservation and released back into the wild. Snapping Turtle Boneless (Total 5 Lbs.) I wish you could have heard me the first time I opened the freezer and saw several gross looking things(fish) frozen in ice. I thought it went well. . Then we process them. Les poids moyens des chairs d'après un échantillonnage des prises sont conformes à l'exploitation d'une population âgée présentant peu de recrutement. Boneless Turtle Meat 5 lb bag. He was shocked that it pulled its foot back when he touched it - it was still alive! It depends on what type of turtle it is. O Wise One says "it will make you take back stuff you never stole". The American Box Turtle is an omnivore which eats just about everything. Helpful. 99. We have 10 bourbon red turkeys yet to butcher and deer season opens up this weekend. By the mid-1800s, turtle was quintessentially American cuisine. Thank you for your encouragement and all the really helpful posts. Fresh water snapping turtle has the texture of frog legs or lobster. Gift Guide for Herbalists: Herbs, Teas, Supplies, Books & More! It was a really long time! Are you ready for Thanksgiving now? These are a treat about once a year. Cool animals! However this morning 2 of my jars are not sealed. I hope you are staying warm! Pray all is well. Folks are disconnected with that side of it, but want ethically raised meat. Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) – so keep it polite, please. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone. Let me have just a... Umm...excuse me? So for me sometimes I forget that others are not as used to the bloodier side of the outdoors. :), It is SO good! We hang them up and skin them, and then cut the meat away from the shell. I have only made soup in the past and batter fried once. How you been, I hope well! Turtle Soup ships frozen with ice packs, may thaw in transit; Upon arrival remove packaging and place in the fridge or freeze; May be kept refrigerated for up to 2 days or frozen for up to 6 months; To Serve . Lately I've been having some deep thoughts from my shallow mind. So life is indeed busy on the homestead. Is alligator legal to eat in the US? Interesting post! Then I either can it right up, or freeze it to can later. Fill jars with raw meat pieces, leaving 1-inch headspace. To continue with yesterdays instructions on turtle I left off with our meat soaking overnight in salt water. Canned Critters Stuffed Animal: Sea Turtle 6" 4.6 out of 5 stars 174. It's been a long time since we've last spoken. Grandfathers, uncles, brothers neighbors and friends all hunted and fished also.

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