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Many curlies use a co-wash to replace the traditional method of shampooing your hair. Hands down my two favorite gels to get started with are: I use and recommend using both of these. The most important thing when washing is to keep curls hydrated. As far as I know, all of the products listed here are curly girl method approved, but as always, check to see they’re a good fit for you. The second step in the styling process is applying a gel to hold your curl pattern: What type of gel you choose completely depends on your curl type. The method aims to give curly girls great looking (and healthy) curls. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter (Image credit: Getty Images) By Ava Welsing-Kitcher 2020-11-27T07:00:42Z. Read below‼, Since the shutdown I’ve been feeling a little an, Hey curly friends! Starting the Curly Girl Method can feel quite overwhelming, and this is the reason why I decided to put together a beginners guide to the Curly Girl Method. If not, you’ll experience a lot of frizz, Gently begin to crunch each curl with your hands. Read this post for more information on clarifying your curls.Product sugg… After scrolling through dozens of articles, youtube videos, and Instagram accounts, I became a little confused about how to get started. If you’re just starting the curly girl method, you need to do a final wash to get rid of product build up and those pesky silicones out of your hair. The curly girl method for beginners May 18, 2020 May 22, 2020 I often get asked about my curly hair, so I decided to answer the most common questions in this post. Many people swear by the CG (Curly Girl) Method to bring their once-curly hair back from being damaged, brittle, dry or frizzy. I would recommend a handful to get a great cast. This is an important step to keep your scalp clean and healthy and remove any oils and dirt fro your hair. You can also use a t-shirt or microfiber towel, Be careful not to disrupt the curls too much, Flip your hair forward and tussle your roots for additional volume, Make sure you scrunch out all the gel cast and admire your soft, silky smooth curls. If you want to get started and are not sure which products to purchase, I highly recommend this starter kit. I have 2b to 2c curly type. Curly Girl Method for Beginners – Easy 4 Step Guide. A method using a T-shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch your curls up toward your head and tie. The curly girl method was created by Lorraine Massey and she wrote about it extensively in her book “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” It is a regimen that trades damaging hair cleansing and styling methods such as heat tools and harsh shampoos, for a silicone free conditioner and gel to get you bouncy, defined and moisturized curly hair. Curly Girl is een methode om natuurlijk krullend haar te verzorgen. The more you ‘cup’ and scrunch the curls up towards your scalp, the bigger clumps you’ll get. You will need more gel than you think to begin with. Curly Girl Method enthusiast and educator. One of the many benefits of having curly hair is that if you are taking proper care of it, you will only need to style it 1-3 times per week. Conditioning is one of the most important steps in the curly girl process (if not the most important step). Does It Really Make A Difference? Get your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here! Low poo shampoos are for curlies who just can’t seem to fully ditch shampoo completely. Your hair should be lathered in velvety conditioner. These are two of my favorite clarifying shampoo’s: The next step in your curly girl journey is to learn how to properly detangle your curls. For this, you’ll need a silicone-free, sulfate shampoo. >>>>>>>Get the curly girl started kit here! As a 4c girl (coily hair texture), I understand the shrinkage struggle. Curly Girl Method UK, tips and steps on where to start with curly girl for beginners, a guide to washing, conditioning and styling naturally curly hair. Yes, that's a thing... ‼️GIVEAWAY ALERT‼️ I spent a good part of, I like to do a full wash day, rice water rinse fol, I officially celebrated my one-year curl-iversary, Can diffusing make your curls more curly? This allows your curls to dry while encouraging curl pattern. Note: Some curlies will recommend leaving a bit of conditioner in your hair. I typically plop my hair for 15 minutes, diffuse for 20-30, then finish with air drying. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to re-create a bomb wash day but failing miserably because you didn’t follow the same steps. I was excited to get started and found multiple curlies that shared beautiful curl transformations that I could learn from. I do not recommend this because if your conditioner contains protein it can damage your hair. International (non-USA) product list Like mentioned in the post, this is for beginner’s who have no idea what to buy. I believe by learning Trichology (the study of hair and scalp) you can better understand your hair's needs and behaviors. It includes these rules-Stop brushing curly hair dry; Comb only after applying conditioner inside the shower; Comb only after applying leave in conditioner outside the shower I have been doing the CG method … I need your help! They compliment each other well and offer really great hold. Neilsfavouritechilli Tue 06-Aug-19 09:35:51. The Curly Girl Method, created by a beauty named Lorraine Massey, is a way of caring for and nourishing curls, coils and waves. Drugstore Or High-End Curly Hair Products? I don’t really have a choice as I’m an officer and I work six days in a row…so it’s up a lot unfortunately. It can be a little overwhelming getting started and today I want to clear some of the content clutter and tell you that it is pretty simple. How to start the curly girl method transition, step-by-step, simplified for beginners. The curly girl method can be overwhelming for beginners, especially when it comes to products. Simply apply the product to your hair and gently detangle using a brush or your fingers. This is the trickiest part. Apply leave-in conditioner using praying hands method (tipping head upside down and smoothing your hair between your hands like you are praying). You can read more about how to pre-poo here and how to detangle here. This can be a great method but reduces the volume in your curls and can take a long time. When I first started the CG method, I watched so many YouTube videos and followed so so so many curly girls on Instagram that I literally got overwhelmed with all of the products and techniques to try. It comes down to eight basic steps that I will define for you below. This is what will give you a frizz-free result. Theme by 17th Avenue, protein treatment or a moisturizing treatment, The Rezo Cut Ultimate Guide (Must See Transformations), The BEST Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse For Curly Hair, long list of Curly Girl friendly products. Curly Girl method for a beginner (109 Posts) Add message | Report. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of product. A combination of the above three. There are many different techniques to detangle but my favorite way to detangle is by doing a pre-poo. These are two of my favorite leave-in conditioners. Curly Girl Method Approved Products Any product that is silicone- and sulfate-free is CG method approved. The curly girl method is great for those that might be newly natural and not quite sure where to start. Step 2 Wet Style. After you are done styling, let your wet curls dry naturally. <3. The more I scrolled, the more overwhelmed I felt. Any tips for someone that has to secure their hair for work? Curly Girl Method Products For Beginners. The Curly Girl Method is basically a hair care method that trades in damaging habits for healthier options in a minimalist way. Experiment with the heat settings. Conditioning: Designed to moisturize your hair and keep it hydrated to create beautiful curls. I created this curly girl cheat sheet just for you. It involves ditching harsh shampoos and switching to Co-washing (using conditioner to cleanse the scalp) or Low-pooing (using a gentle, sulfate free shampoo, but not often). Example: I cleanse with a gentle cleanser on Tuesday and do a full wet refresh on Friday. TEXTURE WAVY (2a-2c) Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened. Moisturizer, hold, and application. How often you cleanse your hair (and with what products) will vary depending on your specific curly type. Though the internet can make the curly girl method seem complicated and overwhelming, if you peel back the layers it’s quite simple. I stopped silicones because they weigh my hair down. Since it may take some time to find what works best for your hair, we at The Right Hairstyles have compiled a shortlist to help you in your search. From coils to curls to waves, the Curly Girl Method for beginners has become a cult regime. Since shampoos are harsh on your hair and can damage your curl pattern, a co-wash is a gentle way to give your hair that clean feeling without damaging it. I totally understand that! I am working on some upcoming, I remember feeling hopeless right before I decided, Do you ever feel like your curls are just happier, I am sharing an update on my curly journey today a, Product Guide & Curly Girl Terminology (Reg. You will need to do some experimenting to see what works for you. I first stumbled on the curly girl method on Instagram, and it gave me hope that I could have healthy curls again. I take a scientific approach to the Curly Girl Method. Always sleep on a silk pillowcase or with a silk bonnet. If you struggle with an oily scalp, a low poo may be a good option for you. Sidebar links (on reddit mobile: this is the "About" tab) Holy grail product list. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. It is pretty much amazing and will be my next big purchase, Curly Hair 101: Everything You Need To Take Care Of Your Curls, 3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls, My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier, https://successful-writer-9997.ck.page/d80fea2401. Before we begin, first watch the video on The Curl Girl Method Simplified for Beginners to learn what it means, what ingredients to avoid, and more. Curly Girl Method 101. But don’t worry, I never promote products that I don’t believe in or truly love <3 You can read my full privacy policy here. Crunchy curls are typically caused by how you apply the gel rather than what gel you are using. I saw, I gotta say, this color has me feeling super summe, After receiving over 50k views and dozens of quest, Curly friends! 3. Scrunch your curls towards your scalp a tiny bit to remove some of the water, Use as much gel as needed (a handful would work) and scrunch your curls tightly, Once you’re done, grab your microfiber towel and wrap around your hair. This simple cheat sheet will help break down the process of caring for and styling curly hair. When I do the wet refresh, I use an oil to message in my scalp. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps keep this site running. If your curls look stringy, add more water. Curly Girl drying techniques are broken down into four types. If you do want to go the strict CG method way, you can check this – CG Method and CG Friendly Products in India (Intermediate and Advanced Curly … Using a diffuser attachment to distribute airflow evenly without causing frizz. The Curly Girl Method is a case of trial and error; I advise what works or doesn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. The curly girl method recommends low manipulation for all hair types.

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