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The primary target of these species is to tirelessly eat that tasty Algae that you are desperately trying to get rid of. A common choice for many Aquarium owners, the Angelfish can live in harmony with a number of other species and does not mind freshwater aquatic plants. When choosing fish, opt for breeds that require similar tank temperatures and water pH levels to be sure they will all be comfortable and healthy in their shared water. These are the fish known as  Bala Shark , Red Tail Shark , Chinese High Fin Banded Shark, The Flying Fox and his confusing twin the Siamese Algae Eater. Freshwater Fish  Apps     Because they spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank, they do well with sinking food such as pellets, but they also thrive on brine shrimp and blood worms. Buy 6 and Save This wide-tailed beauty, however, is known for being a fighting and territorial fish, that will not get along with just anyone. Ordering     There are 4 popular types of Cichlids selected for freshwater aquariums including: Malawian, Tanganyikan, African and New World Cichlids. Ordering They get along well with other small fish. Popular choices often labeled as "community fish" or with "peaceful" attitudes include… Catfish; Corys; Danios; Gouramis; Guppies; Loaches; Mollies; Platies; Plecos; Raspboras; Swordtails; Tetras; Within these fish species, some breeds are better adapted to group living than … What kind of inexpensive fish go well together, what don't?? Temperatures should be kept around 75 to 79 degrees while the water’s pH needs to stay between 6.5 to 7.0. Take a look at the below saltwater aquarium fish compatibility chart to check if your fish are compatible together in the same aquarium. Newsletter Danios live well in a tank with around 10 gallons of water. Thanks! I would love to get a clown fish...yeah, my kids want Nemo! A few of these fish will do well in a 15-gallon aquarium with warm water. Have you been wondering which freshwater aquarium fish you can put together in the same tank? Serving the Southern California Area for 40+ Years. Although they are not really sharks and are from different fish families, their close resemblance in shape and behavior gives them this title. The fish many beginners start with is the Betta. Like the plecostomus, they are also tough on live plants and may eat their leaves. The Honey Gourami (scientifically known as Trichogaster Chuna) is a species of small tropical fish that belongs to the popular Gourami family. Adding different Cichlids to your tank will brighten it up and keep the fish happy. Los Angeles Aquarium & Pond Services. Fish That Live Well Together. FREE SHIPPING The Oscar Fish is an incredibly popular tropical freshwater fish that hails from the Amazon basin of South America. ha ha Any suggestions are much appreciated! A nice fish for beginners, the following Plecos & Catfish are peaceful fish that will not interact even with aggressive species. Stock SLOWLY, adding only 4 or 5 fish at once. Most rasboras do well in the planted tank and they are also a good choice as community fish. The Rainbowfish is a popular breed, both among beginner and experienced fish keeping enthusiasts. Most important thing is to do frequent water changes, particularly in a new tank. My Favorites Most Popular I am looking into getting a small freshwater tank for my bedroom and I am not sure if the fish I want will all get along. Beautiful Betta and rainbowfish, hardy goldfish, and pretty live-bearing fish like guppies, mollies, swordfish and platies are some of the best known. There are many different freshwater fish species that can do well in planted tanks but some of them are easier to keep than others. The Plecos, Suckermouth catfish, and Cory Cats, love being in the freshwater aquarium community. If you are going to have a pleco in a huge tank, you may as well have other large freshwater fish to take advantage of that tank as well. It is easy to take care of Neon Tetra and often recommended as one of the first fish to beginner aquarists. They are small fish, that live well together with other community fish species. Need Help choosing Your Freshwater Aquarium Fish? There are many aquatic animals to choose from that will add color and interest to your community tank. We are starting with the freshwater Angelfish, as it is without a doubt a very friendly aquatic creature. Cichlids travel in schools and the only way to potentially avoid them fighting is to pack the aquarium so full, that there will not be enough space for them to feel territorial. Expectedly, when we mention behavior, having different “shark” species in the same aquarium is not advisable. F.A.Q. This way no fish will be eaten or suffer from the difference of water condition requirements. Which Freshwater Aquarium Fish Can Live Together? Fish that live well together will have similar requirements and preferences, which will make keeping your tank healthy much easier. They get along well with other non-aggressive fish species, as they’ll spend most of their time preventing algae from taking over the tank. Invertebrates might be a good addition, since many species of shrimp and snails are mild-mannered and can benefit the tank by metabolizing waste. Silver dollars grow to about six inches across and should be kept in schools of six or more. The Plecos, Suckermouth catfish, and Cory Cats, love being in the freshwater aquarium community. We're an Aquarium and Pond Design and Construction Company based in Los Angeles, California. 3-5 guppies 3-5 sailfin mollies 3-5 platies 4 blind cave tetras 2-3 brisltenose catfish 3 clown loaches 2 dwarf gouramis i know all about the nitrogen cycle and having more female livebearers than male etc. They are very social, and whilst you can keep them individually, they thrive if kept in a group of two or more. Many species of freshwater tropical fish can work well together in the same tank. Also known as Cory Cats, these fish are a staple in most freshwater tanks. African cichlids are among the most colorful freshwater aquarium fish, and they’re about as close as you can get to the vibrant colors of saltwater fish without the expense and hassle of maintaining a marine setup. Nevertheless, they have Cichlids and can be aggressive toward one another, especially when trying to pair off or spawn. What are the best choices for starting a fish tank? is usually $36.99. Green Neon Tetra is considered as the most popular fish amongst fishkeepers. Aquarium Info, Search Site Info i have bought a 4 foot fish tank which will end up being a planted tropical freshwater tank. These are 6 possible populations for the specific freshwater aquarium fish we have listed above. Our love and affinity to the aquatic life are helping us bring Nature to your home. The freshwater shark are truly intriguing and beautiful “miniatures” of “jaws” swimming in the ocean.

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