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2 #401. While there's no guarantee about a fight like this in the MCU's future, let's hope that it won't be … Hubs . Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. And it doesn't really matter as 616 Surfer has beaten the Hulk on several occasions by draining him of his gamma energy and Hulk has never been able to resist it. So who will it be? In the right circumstances, yes. And whilst it's evident Maestro's getting an upgrade, the extent of the upgrade is still unclear. Both are physically strong and smart. Wikis. If not then it is not future imperfect I am talking about ☺ but if it is then the women who professor hulk was talking to is someone else in which case you can tell everyone the name of that person to help everyone out ☺. Thanos - His skin in nearly invulnerable, particularly against heat, cold, electricity, radiation, toxins, aging, and disease, and he can survive indefinitely without food or water. Have to agree with the other guy. As seen with Secret Invasion, he's fully ready to kill aliens (in this case, Skrulls) and as we witnessed in Secret Wars, Panther can even wield the Infinity Gauntlet. Overall Rating : 5.0 / 5 (3 Avis) 5.0 3 Avis. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I strongly suspect I’m underestimating the hugeness of what's to come. Série: Thor. Most versions of Hulk are powerful enough, why make one that can supposedly beat Galactus and the Phoenix? @khianrobinson123-456: @hulkworldbreakeroftheworld: It always matters how someone was defeated. He died in blast which made Bruce banner hulk. Hmm. Maestro will win this fight without a doubt. Pre-Order Marvel Avengers … Thanos has always said on almost any occassion you can think of, he would rather NOT face the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat. Apocalypse? Vinyl. Avengers: Infinity War opened with one of the biggest one-on-one fights a Marvel fan can imagine as the Hulk went toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan, Thanos. I've heard no evidence that this armour is from Ultron nor about how powerful these artefacts will make Maestro be. Comics; Events; Games; Movies; TV; Characters. Born on the planet Titan, Thanos possesses the genes of the Godlike beings known as the Eternals and all their super human abilities in addition to his other unique powers. Well for starters Maestro is a villain, i understand making heroes too powerful can be damaging but if writers have a plan for a certain villain to be a threat they will amp him to the desired level, what that level is i don't know but it doesn't look like they want him to be a simple Hulk villain or anything, looks more like a teambuster to me but again we will wait and see. Please don't tell me about Thanos accomplishments. Superman because DC would never have it any other way. But herein lies the real twist – Maestro is insane. So we'll see the truth about these hyperboles once this comic does come out. I know in his throne room he did have ridiculous items like the cosmic cube and the infinity gauntlet with all it's gems but i am 100% that was just for laughs and more of a cameo then to be taken seriously. Wikis. He defeated proof hulk who is even weaker than grey hulk. So if a Thanos vs. He is a genius, an outcast, a mad man and possesses a ‘the ends justify the means’ attitude to things. Also, Maestro can still get stronger the madder he gets so even if Thanos does manage to injure him, it will just make him even stronger and even more impossible to beat him. Marque: Pop! Phoenix Avatar, Silver Surfer, a mountain of alt Hyperions. @atheistknowledge: Except when characters exaggerate their capabilities and powers beyond what they're shown on panel Raynor. I haven't been on this thread & quite a few ppl here seem to think different. @atheistknowledge: You've read Maestro's appearances, you know he's got a big ego and thinks very highly of himself. As far as i am aware the Surfer Maestro is fighting is the 616 one, but again let's wait for the actually issue to come out before we comment more on this. Avengers: Infinity War is now available on home media. thanos is leagues stronger than maestro No he isn't. thanos 10/10. King Hyperion's killed many Thors, Hulks and Sentrys before, doesn't mean he could beat 616 Hulk, Thor or Sentry. Since crazy people are always angry and Maestro sits at the very top of that mountain, there is no one stronger than the Maestro in the Marvel Universe of that reality. Will be good to see where Marvel will place him on the power scale. But trust us. So until we know how Maestro killed them we have no idea how powerful he is. I don't think the strength difference would be vastly different. Yea i said as well we don't know the extent of the upgrade. Man I wonder what he is going to do to meastro. But Maestro has comparable feats, such as absolutely bodying Hulk, Tagging Surfer and Warrior's Madness Thor and if I am remembering correctly, Harm King Thanos. The Hulk knows two things- breathing and fighting, the latter more than the former. Personnage: Thanos. And, yes, Thanos HAS fought Earth's heroes before. Thanks to my man Killa for sending in this AWESOME Dormammu VS Maestro Clip! But yes we will see in a few months. Back in the comic when professor hulk went to the future to stop meastro so his future does not become that of the meastro s, you see future rogue or storm show professor hulk the trophy room of meastro which had the head of galactus and the cape of eternity (you actually see professor hulk say OMG when he sees the room) and rogue states that everything he sees that belongs to a villain or hero are people he personally killed. We are not talking about that. Movie Moment Thor VS Thanos Marvel Infinity War 32,95 € Description Les Avengers de Marvel sont de retour en figurines Funko Pop à l'occasion du jeu vidéo Marvel's Avengers de Crystal Dynamics et Eidos! To which extent? The Mad Titan needs no introduction. Or do you have the issue name and number so i can look it up? They are unclear because the comic is still months away and no one is gonna spoil too much for us, even the writer himself in that interview asks his colleagues several times "Can we talk about Maestro yet? Maestro is an alternate-future version of the popular Marvel hero known as the Hulk, however he is a brutal tyrant who is stronger, more experienced and much more ruthless than his current self - he was the chief antagonist of the Future Imperfect storyarc and was strong enough to snap the neck of the Hulk - temporarily paralysing the hero. Al Ewing: I think the main thing that makes this different is that it’s linking directly into the main Marvel Universe. HerculesFuture Imperfect(Earth-9200)Bruce Banner Jr.Old Man Logan(Earth-807128) HulkMisstroShe-Hulk becomes Misstro(Earth-10051) thor, over all is more versatile and more powerfull than maestro. Yes but that's Hulk, this is Maestro he could prove to be very different just how Rulk drained Savage Hulk but couldn't do the same with WWH, but again we shall see they are supposed to fight in August so we will soon know how the fight goes on. Logically Thanos. Granted, it's probably just the artist having some fun, it's hyped me up anyway though. Aidé de Cambria Banner, Logan et Hawkeye (Clint Barton) de la Terre-616 purent vaincre le Maestro et les membres du gang décidèrent chacun de suivre sa propre voie. Considering Surfer can casually channel stars, supernovas and other powerful sorts of cosmic energy at will, there's no reason why WWH or Maestro could resist it. We’re planting a seed here and that seed is going to grow into something big and mad; in fact, I have no idea how big and mad. Thanos is no chump when it comes to h2h, trainer of gamora ring a bell? Who should win? Until Maestro has on panel feats....THANOS Wins. If anyone can take on Maestro in a one on one fight, it has to be Thanos. Thanos wins against Maestro. The strongest Hulks are the ones with the non-human minds. Personnage: Thor. He wil answer with inconclusive statements that will increase the doubts. @atheistknowledge: the chick with the Mohawk in the middle panel looks like the character they revealed called guillotine, I mean the sword looks incredibly similar. Thanos has returned, continuing his never-ending quest for universal power and control - but a strange change will soon alter his life, and that of his constant foil Adam Warlock, in unexpected ways! Who did Thanos physically overwhelm to give you this opinion? Physical strength? Yea well the thing about stars, supernovas and other cosmic energy is that they can't really resist the draining. ", so they aren't revealing much yet. Who should win? The Eternals are nothing short of Gods with extreme levels of superhuman physical attributes and the gift of immortality. We shall see when Maestro and SS fight. @thedailybagel: Don't get too excited i am still unsure if the image really is from COC. If a fight breaks out between these two world breakers, who should we put our money on? Estimated Release Date: December 2020 Other customers bought: Marvel Avengers: Endgame Thor with Pizza Funko Pop! Maestro makes his animated debut in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., voiced by Fred Tatasciore. King Hyperion's killed many Thors, Hulks and Sentrys before, doesn't mean he could beat 616 Hulk, Thor or Sentry. And again who cares honestly? The Ultron armor part is mentioned in one of the interviews it was actually a combination of Stark's and Ultron's armor IIRC. Sign In; Don't have an account? Thanos is one of the few beings we've seen who's actually touched an Infinity Stone with his bare hands. Games Movies TV Video. We are talking about Thanos is a fight. you sure about this part? Heroes. A future version of the Hulk, called Maestro, has seized control, driven insane by the nuclear radiation he has absorbed and the bitterness he feels towards the world at his continued treatment. No outside help. Maestro fight does happen, it will be a treat to watch. But even the Mad Titan isn't strong enough to wield all six gems on his own. Both are physically strong and smart. 19:17, December 20, 2017. Tell me how SPEED EQUALIZED Loading editor. Maestro has nothing tangible or verifiable to prove he could even come close to matching Thanos, even in strength. Monarch* vs Apocalypse Apocalypse is only an omega level mutant. @uugieboogie: I think everyone knows that. Using his own power, Thanos has defeated Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan, Classic Drax. What do you think of the Hulk vs. Thanos fight in Avengers: Infinity War? Trading fists is basically what he does for a living. Thanos also possesses the Deviant Gene and as a result, is extremely large, stronger, and faster than the rest of the Eternals. i am not sure if this is from another comic or Contest of Champion itself, but if it is then i am 100% sure Maestro and Thanos will fight at some point. How could you think anyone has a chance against a guy who is officially confirmed to be stronger than the Incredible Hulk!!! Vinyl. While there's no guarantee about a fight like this in the MCU's future, let's hope that it won't be … Although now that I think about it, maestro vs thanos happening is becoming incredibly likely at this point. I'm freaking out right now, whether it's just him playing around I don't know, but you just hyped me the hell up. Maestro Vs Thanos. MCU Theory: Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium’s Power, Every Character Who Could Appear In The “Avengers 5′ Like Thor 4, Terminator & Robocop Crossover Could Revive Both The Franchises, Here’s The Probable Evidence For How Avengers: Endgame “Copied” A Scene For A DC Movie, 10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Movie And TV Series Sets, 10 Most Irritating Romantic Relationships That Exist In The MCU, Major Plot Holes And Mistakes Made In The Fast And Furious Movies, Florence Pugh To Return As Yelena Belova In The Disney+ Hawkeye Series, 10 Funniest Moments That Prove The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are The Most Badass, 25 Painful Moments From MCU Which Made Everyone Cry. Superman because DC would never have it any other way. In this match there is no prep. Being a Combined Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Champions of every Class other than another Combined. mrichardson45. Découvrez cette Pop Movie Moment exceptionnelle de Thor vs Thanos. Cette Pop est tirée de Marvel: Infinity War et montre Thor, le dernier capable de se battre contre Thanos et de l'empêcher de réaliser l'ultime claquement de doigts.

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