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Subway maps have been created based on real subway station locations in Seoul Metropolitan, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. The oldest line, Line 1 is only 44 years old. Each car is 20 meters long and 3.12 meters wide. We will reduce operation hours of Seoul metro line one to eight in order to prevent the community transmission of the Covid-19 infection. 1.1.10 Scrolling and zooming in/out unnatural issues have been corrected. (4) They have an efficient system and some of the best technology, but their brand image does not currently represent their strengths. New Business Status Railway Business Status. Switch to KakaoMetro and enjoy a neat screen and lots of useful Subway information. It was the southern terminus of Line 3 until October 30, 1993, when the line was extended to Suseo Station, and it became a transfer station with the Shinbundang Line on October 28, 2011. The biggest challenge for budget travelers as they arrived at a foreign country is finding a way to leave the airport. One way to find out is to use Google Maps to detect the location of your Seoul accommodation and you’ll instantly find the nearest station. I also attached pdf file, download and print it. Line No.9 Bongeunsa Station ... exit 2 and walk straight for 20 minutes on foot. Incheon Subway Line 2 opened in summer 2016: 29.3 km (6.1 km above ground, 27 stations); driverless, operating initially with 2-car trains, stations laid out for 4-car trains; interchange with Seoul's Line 7 will be available around 2020 at Seongnam station. Seoul Subway Line 1 runs from Uijeongbu and Dong-Ducheon in the north to Suwon, Cheonan and areas of Chuncheongnam-do in the south. Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map with information about its route lines, timings, tickets, fares, stations and official websites. The Seoul subway’s annual loss of around £200m is covered by this budget. Seoul Subway App (Android) Download the Seoul Subway app to your Android device for easy English directions. The total length of the line is 57.4km serving 44 stations. (5) Seoul is thriving with an abundance of culture and style. It is located underground. 3 Train (7 Avenue Express) Line Map. Subway. Changdeokgung Palace. Most subway entrances take the form of a covered staircases by the sidewalk, accompanied by a yellow train logo. Subway, local and express station, ADA accessible (except A,C,ES lines) 34 St- Penn Station. Better and smarter way to take subway, KakaoMetro. Seoul Subway Line 9, operated by Seoul Metro Line9 Corporation, is a subway line in Seoul.The line runs east from Gaehwa Station (local train terminal) or Gimpo Airport Station (express train terminal, connecting to Line 5 and Airport Railroad) along the south bank of the Han River towards VHS Medical Center in Gangnam. People's Square. Seoul Station is the main train station for high speed KTX trains (to Busan, Jeonju & other parts of Korea), Airport AREX and Seoul Subway (Line 1, 4 and Gyeongui–Jungang). When you will look at the map, you’ll understand just why. The map has taken inspiration from both the official Seoul subway map and also London’s Tube Map to make it the easiest to understand transport app for Seoul subway. Download the Seoul Subway app to your iOS device for easy English directions. 2013 Official Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map on Line 3.jpg 4,160 × 3,120; 3.04 MB It is the longest circular subway line in the world measuring 60.2km. Include guides to get there, Seoul Station Map and KTX Maps. Incheon Line 2. Downloadable maps for New York transit, including subways, buses, and the Staten Island Railway, plus the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Listed transfers are based on the weekday schedule and may vary. This included the extension of former lines 2, 3 and 4 (15 km) and 4 totally new lines of which line 5 is 52 km long (including both eastern branches). Seoul city boasts an excellent public transportation system. The Seoul Metro, which is located in the northeast of South Korea, is a railway service with almost 330 kilometers of total length.It has 9 lines and 300 stations. Metro of Seoul Asia / South Korea. The Daejeon Metro has only one operational line, and counts with 22 stations and a 22.7 kilometer long underground track.. You can view a wealth of information about the city, including the main policies, history, culture, tourism, metropolitan experience, medical welfare, transportation, etc., along with an overall introduction to the city such as Seoul-related videos, photos, and map. Subway: Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 1 or 2. [ad#Google Adsense-336-center] Seoul Subway Map, English Version. There are 7 ways to get from Seoul Station to Euljiro 3-ga Station by subway, bus, taxi or foot. ... E,N,Q,R all times except late nights, W weekdays, S all times except late nights,1,3,7. I must admit I spent many hours just walking around and discovering the amazing architecture in Changdeokgung Palace. The Daejeon Metro´s fares depend on the number of kilometers that the passenger decides to travel, as well as the passenger´s age. New maps also include Incheon's first subway line which is linked to the Seoul subway network via Line 1. Please see the below for the Seoul city subway map that provides a full view of the entire subway network. Line 2 connects the central parts of Seoul city. The Official Website of Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan 1000 series is a subway train built by Hitachi, Daewoo, Hyundai, and Rotem (both merged into Hyundai Rotem.) Feel free to contribute. It is also the most heavily used subway line in Seoul. The Daejeon Metro´s business hours are from 5:30 a.m. to midnight. Comprising a whopping 23 lines, the subway map more closely resembles a plate of kaleidoscopic spaghetti than a transportation guide. This shows weekday service. Each subway line has a designated color to aid passengers in using the subway with ease. Yangjae station Yangjae Station is a station on the Seoul Subway Line 3 and Shinbundang Line. Media in category "Seoul Subway Line 3" The following 11 files are in this category, out of 11 total. Seoul Metro app - free via iTunes. Seoul Metro is one of the busiest subway systems in the world and it is the greatest subway system that I experienced. 1.3.5 KTX, SRT line added 1.3.3 crash fix in some devices 1.3.2 Map Image Quality Up , Optimize 1.3.0 Path Finding has been added. Map: for a map of the Seoul Metro System or to see how to reach a specific destination, go to the interactive map. Limousine Service. ... Line 3 – The orange line was opened to the public in 1993 and the line starts service from Daehwa and ends at Ogeum. Train schedules can vary depending on the line in question. Seoul Metropolitan Area subway system covers an expansive area, including Line 1 to 9 with additional lines, such as Sinbundang Line, Gyeongchun Line, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Ever Line, Uisinseol Line, and more, branching throughout the metropolitan area. Since money is a limited resource, we often turned to public transportation. Bus/subway payment card called T-money card is the best way to pay for public transit in Seoul – and it can now be used for taxies as well. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket … Not only does the route itself have a long history, the line also passes through downtown Seoul and many historically significant attractions as well as shopping centers. Access Coex Mall through the ASEM Square. Line 3 stretches all the way from the southeast corner of Seoul through Gangnam, across the river, through the city center, past Inwangsan (a great hike you can read about here), flies by Bukhansan, over the northwest border of the city, and continues westerly … The main reason the loss is much lower than TfL’s £458m is that, despite Seoul’s lower fares, it also has much lower maintenance costs. From station To station 1 minute 3 元 To station 1 minute 3 元 Journey Planner When the subway has as many as 19 lines, it can become tricky to pick out … 200912 Not to scale Transfer Gimpo Goldline Ui-Sinseol Line Uijeongbu LRT(U Line) Shinbundang Line(DX Line) Yongin Everline Airport Railroad(A'REX) Incheon Line 2 Incheon Line 1 Seohae Line Gyeonggang Line Suin-Bundang Line Gyeongchun Line Gyeongui-Jungang Line Line 9 Line 8 Line 7 Line 6 Line 5 Line 4 Line 3 Line 2 Line 1 Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map Gyeonggi Gwangju … Get off at Yeouido station of lines 5 or line 9, Exit 3. Don't forget to list both the city and attraction! Seoul Subway App. (3) The subway map does NOT show different attractions/tourist spots. Request this service by emailing Subway. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 to approximately 24:00. Seoul Subway Map Directory (Need your help!) With over 20 subway lines, the nearest subway station is most likely just across your accommodation! A quick glimpse at a map of the Seoul subway system is enough to overwhelm a first-time passenger. Subway Map in English Subway Map in Chinese Subway Map in Japanese. Check out the map here! Seoul National University is easily accessible by bus and subway. The estimated travel time between subway stations is 2~3 minutes. Im compiling a list of subway stops for attractions and such in Seoul for redditors! Try our subway maps reflecting real locations. Please note that an extra charge applies. ... sinsa station (신사역), line 3: garosu-gil (가로수길), a trendy shopping area. The maximum speed is 110km/h and has an electrical current of 1500 V DC and 25kV AC (60 Hz.) In Seoul, the most cost-effective way to get to Seoul from the airport is by the subway. Seoul Subway map [English] Seoul Subway map [Japanese] Underground Passage: Download PDF. Line 3 subway stations: - Daehwa - Juyeop - Jeongbalsan - Madu - Baekseok - Daegok - Hwajeong - Wondang - Samsong - Jichuk - Gupabal - Yeonsinnae - Bulgwang - Nokbeon - Hongje - Muakjae - Dongnimmun - Gyeongbokgung - Anguk - Jongno 3(sam)-ga - Euljiro 3(sam)-ga - Chungmuro - Dongguk University - Yaksu - Geumho - Oksu - Apgujeong - Sinsa - … When using the subway to visit Seoul National University, make sure to take Subway Line #2 (Green Line) and stop either at Seoul National University Entrance Station, Nakseongdae Station, or Shillim Station. Metro of Daejeon Asia / South Korea. Address: 37, Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Seoul subway Line 3 map - Seoul subway. 1.2.0 The subway map of Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon has been added. The hotel offers limousine service to/from the Incheon and Gimpo airports. Yongdu Station, which opened on 20 October 2005, was the first station of the Seoul subway system to have operating platform screen doors. Subway Navigation has been reborn as KakaoMetro.

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