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Here then are some tips to help you work out a budget for your backpacking trip won’t leave you penniless in the middle of nowhere. You can check out Kay's adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Or the one with the yellow cab that's clearly marked? Instead, organize a wine tasting with travel companions or friends from your hostel. I would love to go and experience Chile for myself, the hiking, wine tastings, volcanos and deserts, vast coastline and the magical island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are all firmly on my bucket list. Take three to four daysexploring the walkable city’s intriguing museums during the day (including the Pinochet-era Museum of Memories and Human Rights), and buzzing gastronomic and bar scene at night (especially the Providencia and Bellavista neighbourhoods). street art in Valparaiso, Chile (via BORIS G, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). They'd rented bikes in the Casablanca city center and were using them to hop from vineyard to vineyard. They had a “standard package,” but the tours on it didn't interest me as much as some of the other options. You won't know if you don't ask, so approach them with a list of tours you want to do and see what they're willing to offer. Chile costs can work out slightly higher than other countries in South America. Backpacking costs in all South American countries. Start planning your gap year today. Hotels can also be relatively cheap, but vary in quality. Glad you found it helpful Phil. This is a 2 weeks backpacking itinerary covering all the highlights you shouldn't miss when are you in Patagonia, plus a few days for you to explore the capital cities of Argentina and Chile. To get an idea: one night in a dorm is between 10-15€, in a private 17-25€ – a meal in a restaurant will cost you 5-10€, a long-haul bus ticket is 50-60€ (Santiago-San Pedro). Hi, I'm Dave and I've been backpacking for 20+ years. Car rentals are expensive, and the roads can often be confusing to navigate, so a tour is often the most practical option. So, I simply asked them if they'd be willing to honor their tour discounts for a custom-made package. I demanded he let me out of the car and instead, I took a private shuttle, which cost me 7,000 CLP ($10) — 10% of the original cost to get to the exact. Usually, I take TransVIP when they're available; their shuttles run anywhere from 5,000-10,000 CLP ($7.50-$10) per person and will take you wherever you need to go. From the moment you land in the airport, you'll be bombarded with taxi drivers vying for your hard-earned dollars. We're here to make your next trip your best trip! Chile is a must visit destination for anyone wanting to explore the best of South America. Opting for a bike rental instead of a guided tour with an air-conditioned bus is another way to travel Chile on a budget. Whether on a one-week vacation or a long-term backpacking trip, Cancun welcomes all visitors with the same level of energy and adventure. It’s sometimes thought of as a developing country yet a traveller will find that parts of it are very modern and not very cheap at all. It’s one of the most beautiful regions of South America but the location and harsh climate means travel infrastructure is fairly limited and prices are high as a result. Please refer to the following table for a more detailed look at Argentina’s many border crossings. When I finally approached a couple at a Casablanca Valley wine tasting about their choice to use bikes (while drinking wine, too), they said it was easily the cheapest way to get around. When I was traveling around Chile most recently, I saw a ton of people on bikes. Share your budget-busting tips in the comments below! They want to incentivize people to book more tours with them and are happy to do so by offering a discount (sometimes 10% or more) off multiple tours. Thank you and bookmarking. The bus is 24 hours, and a friend later did it and said it was extremely long and boring :). NB: This post isn’t the ‘perfect route’. Additionally, in the case of the Atacama and similar situations, don't book anything until you've compared prices across at least two to three tour operators. Make sure to check the bicycle before agreeing to anything — check that it works, make a note of any cosmetic damages, and make sure you understand the payment structure (by the hour, by day, etc.). This post discusses the estimated 2019 cost of travel in Chile. Rides vary in cost depending on the time of day but typically hover around 800 CLP ($1.20) each way. From there, you can take the metro to any destination in the Santiago downtown area (where you can find most of the main things to do in Santiago) and beyond. When I went to San Pedro de Atacama, I booked all of my tours with one operator. Compare prices with those in our Brazil backpacking budget. Planning a trip? Your email address will not be published. However, those were for flights about one and a half to two months out. (All exchange rates are correct as of January 2019). Its really appreciated. We also want to give you incentives & advice to thread the lesser-known paths and for a more sustainable way to travel. From the driest place on Earth to the endless amount of glaciers, you can find it all while backpacking Chile. Read on to learn my favorite tips and tricks to travel Chile on a budget! When I was reading this I realize that this is the best blog as compare to others. Ouch. Two weeks before departure, those same flights cost over $100 each way. Here is the ultimate 6-months backpacking itinerary for South America. Backpacking Chile: Get travel information for your trip around Chile ncluding visa requirements, weather, spanish phrasebook, hostels, and top sights. $45 is our suggest daily Chile backpacking budget but if you want to cover basically the length of the country in a few weeks, you’ll need to budget for a bit more. I missed Chile when I spent 8 months in Latin America a few years ago because winter was setting in by the time I was in Peru. I’m sure it would’ve saved $$$, One thing I knew enough to do was to spend the money to fly from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama.

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