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A DNA test by iGENEA provides you with evidence of whether you have Germanic roots. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That is what happened to me. The map below shows the approximate geographic region encompassing the Germanic Europe DNA region. In the image below, you can see my uncle’s Germanic Europe range. Please sign in for secure access to your Ancestry account. So, my ancestors lived in Germany, but their ancestors were not from there at all. I hope that this post has helped you understand more about your Germanic Europe DNA! Isn't it funny how the world works? As you'll see from the screenshot below, it let me know of many 2nd-3rd cousins that I have never heard of before. Are multiple ancestors contributing German ancestry from long ago, or are they German today or just a generation or two back in time? Everyone in the AncestryDNA database will see some change in their estimate. In the image below, you can see that I am shown to have 40-43% Germanic Europe DNA: While I don’t think that ethnicity estimate science is at the point (yet) where I could say with 100% confidence that I absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, have ancestry from this region, the 40-43% range gives me high confidence that I can trust these results. It’s a Lovely Life! People in Germany have Germanic ancestry, but not everyone with Germanic DNA is German. Our plan is to get Ancestry DNA kits for the rest of the family so we can really put the whole picture together. A subscription is highly recommended, however, because it makes it even easier. A SALE PROS CORP COMPANY. Stay in touch on Facebook or by signing up for the e-mail list to receive the weekly newsletter. The new panels have undergone rigorous testing to assess their performance and accuracy. If you find yourself expecting Germanic Europe but finding Northwestern Europe on your DNA results (or vice versa), the best thing to do is begin to research your family tree with a focus on documentation. But in general, I’m about as Dutch as they come. This is really interesting – I did one earlier in the year but felt it was rushed and perhaps not done properly – I sent my test and had results withing 7 days and to me that is such a quick turn around and no one could tell me why it took such a short length of time when it started a 30 day turn around on the website. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ethnogenesis of the modern ethnic groups of Europe in the historical period is associated with numerous admixture events, primarily those associated with the Roman, … Germany's life as a unified nation didn't even begin until 1871, making it a much "younger" country than most of its European neighbors. I'd really like to know if it is my mom or dad that has the Irish in them too! It begins with an overview of the history of Germany and then continues with the details you need to find your ancestors. It then alerts you of familial matches. For example, in my own results, I can see that Ancestry estimates that I have 43% Germanic Europe DNA. I’ve thought about getting this done before. I would love to try this and see what’s what in my DNA. If you know what you are looking for, or are … My grandpa was an orphan so we don’t know much about that part of the family. It is so fascinating to be able to find out what your heritage is. This overlapping region has proven complicated for geneticists. I always build my family tree on Ancestry because it is very easy, and it’s also free to get started and it’s always free to access your tree. var _ctct_m = "ce80f272daa8d6bf8d638d091c30f08f"; © 2020 IT'S A LOVELY LIFE!® ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That means that if you are looking for YDNA testing or mtDNA testing, neither one is going to work for you.Still, autosomal DNA is exactly what many genealogists and family historians want and use most often.Your autosomal DNA is the DNA that you inherit from all of your ancestors, not just a single direct line.That means it gets mixed with every generation. Based on your specific genetic characteristics, we can identify your origins and state from which line the Germanic descent is (paternal, maternal or both lines). Isn’t it amazing how our own history is so often different from what we thought it was? Note: This is a companion post to “What is the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity on Ancestry?“, so don’t forget to check it out after you read this article. My Mother, Giovanna is born in Italy and my Father family were of Russian decent. For example your from italy your italian? To see the range of Germanic Europe DNA that Ancestry estimates for me, I just need to click on Germanic Europe in my ethnicity estimate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So why was I being told all these lies my whole life? The purpose of this project is to estimate the percentage of Celtic, Nordic, Slavic, Greco-Roman, Jewish or other ancestry in each region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Your email address will not be published. If you are just getting started, this video series will give you the tools you need to be successful. }); Your email address will not be published. Genetic study reveals 30% of white British DNA has German ancestry Analysis over 20 years reveals heavy Anglo-Saxon influence, with French … Not necessarily. I never even questioned this about me since there seemed to be no question about this. All three DNA testing companies identify 10-15% of these testers' DNA as British, but after looking closely at their matches for a year, I am confident they have no genealogically significant British ancestry.

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