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Welcome to Cambridge Home School. Good quality product and teachers. We basically received packages of documents, not set out into interesting lessons, but just reading materials and exercises to test understanding. Show map. Your daughter did not, as you had not made that entry. Comparing it with other providers, this is away up and beyond. Home All Journals Oxford Review of Education List of Issues Volume 46, Issue 5 2019 Impact Factor. If you are applying for a course for an under 18 you must apply via the Oxford Home Schooling Website. Home Education and the Law What is the law as it relates to Home Education. Oxford Home Schooling students are normally aged 11-18. Oxford Homes Schooling (0 Ratings) | Write a review. Thank you for your positive review, we are pleased to hear that distance learning worked so well for your son. A good option for a child fitting in full time sport. The staff were extremely helpful and efficient and the material arrived without problem. Hello Tracy, thank you for sparing the time to leave this review. The staff were always polite and helpful, and frequently available to answer any of my or my daughter‘s queries. Leave your review of Oxford Home Schooling. There was plenty of resources provided for each and every one of the courses I undertook, I was at no point under-supplied with the material needed to complete them. Everything has been so smooth from initial enquiry through to exams and beyond. For example, it would have been helpful if the section on Othello had looked more specifically at how love and gender dynamics are explored in the play, since this is the area covered by the exam. I would definitely recommend! They expect the pupil to guess the answer without having any previous indication of how to do that different type of sum within the context of the formula that was originally poorly thought out or not explained at all…Tutors must be beside them selves often having to correct the mistakes of Oxford home schooling, by providing links to websites and youtube Videos that give a more modern and simplified explanation of the sums in question but do not indirectly or directly point to the solution or formula for the poorly explained question four or trick question in each activity The tutors are fantastic and do try but the lack of simplified methodology to the written text is what makes the course take a lot longer than it should, an activity that should take no longer than 30 minutes ends up taking 3 days per single question that was not explained If you make any complaint at all expect inappropriate & rude comments from staff, such as quote “We have been doing this for 40 years” or “perhaps home tuition is not suited to your child” this is damn right insulting given that we don’t have any issue with English or science. Download the app Get a free listing Advertise 0800 777 449. keywords location Search. What The Good Schools Guide says Interim head. We are pleased to hear that home schooling is working so well for your family and wish your children all the best with their continued studies! If you are thinking that these folders are so big that you wont be able to finish the in time for the exam you're wrong. their solution is to swap your tutor BUT THIS is not normally the problem at all….. What they need to do is include explanations of mathematical formula for all eventualities in an activity before the problem is to be tackled and not expect pupils to guess the wrong answer because the lesson was written by somebody who likely never had children and thought a child would be able to guess what to do…. There's not even a focus on helping the students prepare for the exams, which means that, even if they learn quite a lot their grades will be poorer than needed. someone told me about the quality of education and course material at Oxford Home Study College, and when i registered with OHSC this came true that these people are the best out there.... David Rachine. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Oxford Open Learning. Oh Dear, My daughter as been doing KS3 English since January but we are very unhappy with the lack of answers (to check she is on the right track) in the books. Very little support - tough for a kid to study GCSE's alone. Instead you have regular Skype calls with your tutor, which allows them to support you through every step of the course. The system is a total joke YOU HAVE BULLIED A CHILD AND JUSTOOKED HWR IN THE EYES AND SAID NO YOU NOT GETIING NOTHING.. live with that as you are the ones that have done wrong and as you have ie the power you think you can just bully people NO.. Need to keep in contact with the tutors regularly and use their expertise. OOL was recommended to us as we are a British family living in the USA and OOL has a good track record. The classes are well thought out and fun for the children, assignments are good and clubs are well organised. the support and guidance offered on line was very helpful and enabled her to complete the course and pass her exam. I made a big mistake of signing up for all of KS3 in 1 go as we now have another 2 years of this :-(. Back to results. It has allowed me to gain the qualifications I needed to go onto college and I am now on a health and social care course and looking at going into art therapy. As a family, living in a remote area and home schooling our four children, we have been delighted with the service that we have received from Oxford. When one of our younger daughters fell seriously ill whilst away on a primary school stay away trip, everything changed dramatically. Hello Peter. I finsihed my, Religious education, sociology, Math and English way before the exam, meaning I had alot of time to revise and practice.The only negative thing I could say is that sometimes the work can be difficult and as you don't have a teacher there with you, you might have to wait a little time for help, but help always come.I would reconmend offord homeschooling to anyone who is interested. The second, that we had seen enough work before the 18th of March 2020 on which to base a calculated grade. Whether you describe our courses as home study or distance learning, it all equates to the same thing – high quality, comprehensive and flexible study materials that can be accessed any time, anywhere. They got nearly all A grades. Even worse is mis-understanding a concept and going on thinking you have it right without the tutor being able to correct you until the next tutor-marked assignment. This is obviously an impossible expectation for someone in home education, I feel as though more specialized textbooks should be used to better match the student's scenario.Despite all this, it was in and of itself, an enjoyable experience. Very easy to communicate with , great tutors and detailed feedback.Courses are easy to follow , but would recommend taking time to decide whether to study GCSE courses in a 1 or 2 year period due to the level of work required. It offers an unrivalled British education that will enable your child to progress to any university in the world including Cambridge, Oxford, and the top US Universities. Everyone is very friendly and can’t do enough for you. I have been meaning to leave a review for some time. Search for local Tutoring near you on Yell. Wolsey Hall Oxford has been providing home learning and homeschooling courses for over 120 years. It is not down to the course tutors to ensure children study. Halfway through my year of home education, I fell out of contact with my mathematics tutor and had no means to communicate with him through any of the emails or phone numbers provided to me.

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