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I have a winter white hamster. So my question is how do I get her to like me? There can be severe health consequences otherwise. By smelling each other’s scent glands, they can find out if the other is a male or female if they are related and possibly even know the exact individual they are smelling. Hamster’s do a very good job of keeping themselves clean, ... Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Bedding (And Why It’s Normal) VIEW POST. 3 things you must do to secure your pet’s future, What You Need To Know When Adopting A Pet. When we put out hand in, he just sniffed us and really didn’t mind. She’s okay with eating food off of my hand and will sometimes step on my hand also. Still super aggressive. She has plenty of chew toys, hiding spots, clean bedding, and tons of room, (A four layer metal cage with a non grated bottom) and two different hamster wheels (a traditional one and a tilted circular one). Obviously, this is upsetting to the hamster owner! She has always bitten the cage when she wanted out and but rarely nipped-if she did it was very soft. Recently, I’ve been noticing she had blood on her fur near her bottom. When I approach her now and stroke her forehead or back or belly she stays still for about 5 to 10 seconds before she walks away from me and then hide under her wheels. I cant have a large cage at my house as well. Keep a watch out for any abdominal swelling but either way, you need to see a vet. Maybe it’s the scent of the robos still on your hands? I had my Hamster “polly” by june. Let her come to you. … 4 Best Hamster Wheels For Syrian And Dwarf (An Owner’s Opinion) Read More » It’s just excited, if it does it everytime it sees you, it’s just excited! Even putting vinegar on the cage bars isn’t helping at all. You can also upgrade to a larger wire cage but make sure it is above the bare minimum of 450 square inches. The more you handle your hamster in a positive way, the less likely they are to bite. When they do they are cold and ‘comatose’, barely breathing, but still very much alive! I don’t know why she all of a sudden hates her cage. It keep happening over and over whenever I approach her cage to check on her. But I checked on her and she’s ok and still acting normal she never done this before. Hamster biting cage is not normal… it means he is stressful. How do I get my Syrian hamster to call asleep? I’ve come to notice that dwarfs have these little epiphany moments. I am really sad and don’t know why she died, and would like to find the cause so I can prevent it from happening again. I have a what i think is a Campbell’s, she keeps running around the cage climbing on everything then jumping off she repeats until she gets tired when she sees me… she wants to get on my hand,tho i just got her yesterday… sometimes she sleeps with her head lifted up on a corner… Because its not bedding and its a strange feeling for them Probably because it doent want to be played with and is being played with too much. He was so friendly before and loved to get on my hand…which he still does but after a few secs he goes for the nibble. Really recommend to watch Victoria Rachael for information about hamster. Never loom directly above and reach down – like a hungry owl or coyote would. Hi my hamster keeps digging near the nest where she has her babies [Gave birth 4 days ago] should I be concerned? Hamsters have very poor eyesight, and they can really injure themselves by falling off of things. Hamsters do that. I was curious, so I started searching around in the bedding for her(about 4-5 inches depending on where in the cage she was). So far he hasn’t drawn blood but I know its only a matter of time which makes me very skittish to hold or pet him. The latter obviously is preferable, because that helps reinforce trust. Nothing has changed with her surroundings etc. I have a dwarf hamster with a 5 story cage. I don’t really know that much, but it sound to me that perhaps you should seek further help online and then if you don’t find any answers, talk to your vet. You’re hamster should only be in a ball for at the most 15 minutes. •she had been jumping at the glass a lot recently, and climbing on her toys to try to get out?? He squares up to bigger animals by running into them and when he’s in his cage he stares at me untill he falls asleep….is this normal???? He does what he normally does when I go to handle him, but as soon as I have hold of him he bites me. Hamsters do not have good eyesight, so they rely on other senses–such as touch, taste, scent–to grow accustomed to and explore their surroundings. Interestingly, these little guys have been domesticated fairly recently but the attraction in them is rapidly growing. Just got a 8 week old short hair teddy bear hamster and she is super scared of me. we have been sitting in the tub taking turns so he can smell us and get to know us. Strange but cute animals! Well maybe your hamster is dumb mine is smarter and knows not to do that. Thanks!!! I’m worried she could be stressed but I’m unsure why. It sounds like you have a crittertrail cage and that is actually unacceptable for hamsters even tho they are marketed for hamsters. Some positive behaviors I notice however might conflict a little with some of what this blog piece asserts. My syrian hamster is walking slow and is a bit scared we had him for a year what does it mean. I recent bought a Syrian hamster and brought him home in a tiny cage so we bought a 20 gallon aquarium. Now she attacks us. Up to that point he would always just stay calmly, caressed in my hands – They come out every evening and run around on the sofa on their own blanket and will fall asleep behind my back together. This is normal behavior known as coprophagia—so don’t be alarmed if your cat does this. This … Is it because he’s jealous, sad, ill, ect. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? He hasn’t been using his wheel, which worries me. I used to have a hamster that lived for 2 years and a half before he died. She runs away from me, flips onto her back and urinates on me if I pick her up. She is almost 2 years old. Today we moved her cage into her playpen which is a very large box. Could this just be something due to old age? Mine have like that. His name was Butters. Consider getting a large tank or even storage bins and DIY. As for the wheel, if he hasn’t already started using it, then perhaps it’s just not his kind of thing? CaringPets strives to provide pet owners with care information that is backed by research and covers best practices among industry experts. Because carrots have sugar in them, they may not be the ideal snack for dwarf hamsters, which are prone to diabetes. I recently got a male Syrian teddy bear hamster. If he has to arch his back too much he may not like it. My cage has a wheel on the top.Tue wheels broke off when I was gone and both my Two winter whites got out.I found one but I don’t no where the other one would is. And an owner would want to avoid this happening if at all possible. Muscle tenseness is kind of a sign of sign of stress. I’m using clean and cozy bedding and I was thinking of litter training her but there’s isn’t much room left for a tray. She seems wreckless and can never seem to keep her burrowing corners in the same place. When we went to get him, the worker let us hold all of the hamsters, so we could chose the friendliest one. . If someone knows please tell me I’m still thinking why it happened. Since they don’t speak words, they have to rely mainly on nonverbal cues to communicate with one another or with you. Hopefully this helped x, It sounds like it could be boredom..My two did that and it was their sign that they want to come out into their exercise balls..a bit like young children…mum mum can we come out to play..They come out every evening for a few hours (even if have to wake them) then back to their respective cages..all is quiet..hth xx. I know it’s common in pet shop dwarfs, it may not be that but just check it up. And that’s why we’ve put this list of mistakes and top hamster tips together: to help new hamster owners learn from other people’s mistakes. my hamster bit me and there was hair from the bite, is it normal? I am a new hamster owner. Who is the actress in the saint agur advert? I’ve had him for a month and a half & he’s been great. Buying a hamster in the house, the owners often do not know what to feed the animal. If your cage is under the BARE MINIMUM of 450 square inches, upgrade asap. Often times you should start out with a treat in your hand and allow him/her to crawl into your hand associating you with food. I also recommend giving her pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds every other day to let her get used to you. When we first got her she was really quiet then about a week after she was coming out and everything ! Any tips to make her hate her cage less!? Please do not put false information out there. it’s just so out of the blue and it’s never happened with any of my hamsters before. let the animal approach and check you out. Hi! No, I’m sorry but bar biting and monkey barring are not normal, it is often misunderstood that it’s them just wearing down their teeth but it’s a sign that the enclosure is too small and they’re bored and stressed. Do not waste your money on the enclosure attachments that this article suggested, instead look into bin cages which are fairly cheap and easy. Mine does the same thing when I pick her up. Why does my teddy bear hamster bite my blanket? On the first 2 days she was super friendly and loved being handled but now she’s getting up later, showing signs of stress or aggression and idk why.

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