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This is because there aren’t any clear delineations of places for people to sit, as there are in triangular and square hot tubs. If you’re looking to buy a hot tub, then you have a lot of decisions to make because there are many hot tub options to choose from. La Scala Jacuzzi is one of the most unique hot tubs due to its high-tech features and top of the line surround sound. For more information on how to research and compare hot tubs before purchasing please visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. Air Buttons – located topside on a hot tub spa, the air buttons propel air through a tube to a relay that activates spa features such as the jets. Because these hot tubs are built into your ground, and because the area can be easily landscaped, you don’t have to worry about the hot tub looking like an afterthought. They are able to support more pumps, but this doesn’t translate into the jets being any more powerful. Diamond Spas can customize a copper spa to fit your tastes and criteria. The PureSpa Plus is a sizable four-person hot tub, measuring 77 inches wide and 28 inches tall, and is constructed out of three-ply puncture-resistant Fiber-Tech material. Additionally, these tubs are known to remove tension, release muscles, and help you relax. Due to their shape, they can often be squeezed into tight areas around your home or in your yard, and they will still allow you to relax and rest. Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 395 is a 2-3 person hot tub designed for small spaces. Additionally, you have to have enough wood around to make building a fire easy. While most hot tubs are only used to make a warm environment to rest and spend time with others, if you want to make sure that you get as much use out of your hot tub as possible, then you will want to look for one that also has cooling capabilities. You need to be willing to get out of the hot tub when the water starts to get cool to put more wood on the fire. Hot Tub Products Whether you prefer to shop by size, collection, or price, learn more about the right Jacuzzi ® Hot Tub for you. A 4-person hot tub with unique shape surely becomes a striking focal point around the room. Cover Lifters. Because it can be easily shaped for innovative design, copper makes for an excellent material to design beautiful, creative hot tubs and spas. Unlike inflatable hot tubs, the best hot tubs in our guide will work year-round to ease stiffness and pain and help you relax over the holidays.The same can be said for the best swim spas, many of which are made by the same hot tub brands as those featured in this guide.A swim spa can be used year-round to help you stay active and reduce joint pain and inflammation. This means that it will not take up a lot of space or an awkward amount of space the way that circular hot tubs, in particular, do. These spas are designed for between 6-8 people. Additionally, they usually have molded seats so that you will enjoy full body support when you are relaxing. The two-person hot tub is a unique triangle-like shape that measures 36 x 72 inches, and its cabinet panels are made from fiberglass, wood, and steel. These are starting to be more expensive and will require more room, however they have ample space for a group to share. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. However, they can fit into tighter locations and are ideal if you don’t have room for a larger option. Most people who have a hot tub at their home will use a chlorinated tub, but there are a number of benefits to opting for a hot water system. Immediately, this means that they are going to be much more expensive than a hot tub that you can buy in a store, but it also means that they can be customized to perfectly meet the needs of the owner. Hot tubs come in all shapes, sizes and prices and range from the most luxurious designs and features to basic and practical simplicity. If you want to be as comfortable as possible in your hot tub, then you will want to look for one that has molded seats. 8′ x 9′ – the size definitely falls in the large hot tub category. Unfortunately, they are not any less expensive than traditional hot tubs and are very bulky. However, because they are made of single piece of material that has been molded into shape, they are incredibly strong and less likely to be damaged. For more than 50 years, heart-shaped tubs have lured lovers at adult-only destinations like Cove Haven Resort, Paradise Stream Resort and Pocono Palace Resort. The shape of the dome keeps away any rain, snow, or dust from reaching your hot tub. Based on popularity at gyms and rec centers I’ve gone to over the years, hot tubs are by far the most popular compared to saunas and steam rooms. According to GizMag, a 24-inch, high-definition Plasma screen, floating remote and stereo are all included as part of this elegant and futuristic hot tub.Perfect for those with expensive taste, this hot tub can cost you nearly $30,000. Replacement Hot Tub Cover - Odd Shape. By the end of it, the hot tub looks nice and costs almost no money to build. These spas are designed for between 3-4 people. Circular hot tubs have become more and more common as people realize that they are generally smaller, less expensive, and more portable than traditional square hot tubs. Through renovations, expansions and countless travel trends, the tubs have endured, inspiring romance and reminiscence amid modern luxury. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Rectangle Hot Tubs. Originally designed as personal tubs for soaking, they soon became similar to the hot tubs that we have and use now. Capture a … 8′ x 11″ – this is easily the largest hot tub there is out in the industry and very few manufacturers even offer it. These speakers are generally made to be safe, even when they are exposed to small amounts of water without being damaged, which is why they are a great option for people who want to listen to music in the hot tub. They are generally much more expensive than traditional hot tubs are, and they are very large, so you have to have a dedicated space for them. Self-Cleaning. 5′ x 7′ – these can vary between 60″-68″ inches in width and between 80″-86″ inches in length depending on that brand. Build In 3d Showroom Tour; 395 (37") - 2-3 Person Hot Tub 395 (37") - 2-3 Person Hot Tub 2-3 Build & Quote View Details.

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