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Freshly has a consumer rating of 4.67 stars from 4,051 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Thank you so much for rating us and for being a part of Freshly! To see ALL of our reviews for the Best Meal Delivery, please Click Here. I like to taste the actual food, not just the ‘heat’. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Even though chat text threads are less personable, being they are limited to a one-dimensional exchange, he conveyed a person of sound character, appreciation for my dissatisfaction, and took responsibility for the situation. The ability to cancel orders up to the time of shipping makes Freshly extremely easy to do business with. We are all connected. Each week, I ordered 12 fresh, tasty, and nice portion sized meals. Hi August, thanks for your feedback. They send an email giving adequate time to skip. I dig it thanks Freshly. How Does It Work? So it's not Freshly's fault even if they aren't delivered on time. Daryl was the only one that acted like he cared about the issue and expressed his empathy and sympathy for our situation. Thanks again! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. All of your meals are prepared and cooked by our chefs and delivered fresh (never frozen). My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking) Post author By Alex Tran; Post date June 4, 2020; 377 Comments on My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking) Share 97. Placing weekly orders and rating meals is easy. Must admit was skeptical when I was looking as I have tried others. This food is perishable and it's unacceptable to leave it sitting out in the 109 degree heat we have here. Tried the Beef Pilaf w Broccoli veg for lunch today. Wish they had the chicken bowl they showed on commercial, with several sides(like black beans and corn, etc...) I am unable to financially afford Freshly at this time. Thank you freshly. :) We've had customer experience significant weight loss, while others kind of just maintain. Never late and never disappointed. (Please bring back that bowl!) So I barely have time to eat, much less cook. We're so happy to hear this, Nicole! Thanks for providing such a great service! I'd be happy to help. Thank you for giving us the chance to cook for you! It has also saved us money on our food bill. My husband actually lost weight for just sticking to Freshly everyday for dinner when we usually cooked/ordered something that was either unhealthy or we ended ate too much! You can certainly freeze them to make them last far longer, you'll just want to add at least 1 minute to the heating time if heating from frozen. We have the real estate office across the street where shoppers in the area park, since we have a few extra spaces to share. I'm also a Freshly Plus member, and I love that option. Hi Jim, That means throwing money down the drain since food isn't cheap. I love the meals and portions. I'm so happy to hear this, Georgia! Voice your opinion today and hear what 4764 customers have already said. We value your privacy. With Freshly, you get ready-to-cook meals you can store in your refrigerator for several days. As good as it gets! Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. I tried meal kits before this, but what is the benefit? It definitely depends on your body composition as well as what you might be eating and drinking outside of our meals. great tasting and a good portion for the price. Pretty good experience. Food safety is our top priority here at Freshly, and we package the meals in insulated boxes with non-toxic gel ice packs. Please call to discuss further. We're very happy to have you with us, Freshly Fam! Thanks for your question! Christopher was very helpful and secured a credit immediately and also answered a question about when my favorite meal would be available again (Pork Cubano Bowl). Since we cook the meals and ship them without using chemical/artificial preservatives, they do have a shorter refrigerated shelf life than say, commercial frozen dinners, etc. Overpriced for what you get. Keep up the great work Freshly!!!! Or better yet, don’t even have the heat in the dish. Meals come packaged very nicely packed securely with ice. Highly recommend! 710 friends. I highly recommend Freshly without reservation. By the way, Csy, the agent who helped me to cancel my subscription was quite quick and cordial. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Freshly? We're known on bringing back old faves, so just be on the lookout! Commercials show appetizing, large portions, fresh-looking vegetables and happy diners. It would be our greatest pleasure to keep satisfying you with more delectables to come! It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. however, i wont begin eating them until monday. I'm allergic to gluten and most meal delivery kits have really gross GF meals. As a single person, it is cheaper to use a meal service than to buy groceries. Chris W. Helena, United States. The brand claims that their meals are always served fresh (never frozen) and that they take just three minutes to heat in the microwave. We're thrilled that Kenny was able to sort this hiccup up for you. I'll be sure to let him know that he's been a huge help to you and I do hope we'd be able to cook for you again! A link has directed you to this review. Gave number for Freshly which told us to text. We feel like Daryl should be nominated for employee of the month & given a raise. So Freshly has saved me. There’s one huge difference between Freshly and other meal subscription services like You'll just want to make these changes, as well as any edits to your meals, prior to the weekly deadline which is outlined in the top right hand corner of your Meal Planner! I love your meals and find that I feel better when eating them. Plans & Menu; About; For Business Gifts; Get $60 Help If you have a decent amount of weight to lose, and you stick to the high protein, high healthy fat, low carb, low sugar nutritional plan that our meals follow, you could easily lose 10-25 pounds in about 3-4 weeks. Their food is enjoyable for the most part and portions are decent too. From perfecting the meals on your weekly menu to shopping for the finest, all-natural ingredients they can find. Keep it up and hats off to your chefs and everybody that is involved. Also, If you have any further comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us via email at! We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Shipping was excellent. I have been using freshly now for a few months. I'm thrilled to hear how you've been pleased by our meals, and the overall convenience! It's hard to cook for just the two of us and not have leftovers piling up in the fridge and eventually ending up being thrown out. Thank you for sharing your meal experience with us, Jimmy! Since I don't eat animal meat, except the birds (chicken and turkey), I'm a little limited with my options. Hearing this is truly a joy to behold. For more information about reviews on please visit our We’re in this together! This was extremely helpful and painless for me. The meals are all delicious, very good proportioned and it really helps us save time from our busy schedule. You can't find that anywhere nowadays!! I have tried several different prepared meal services and have found Freshly to be the best blend of food quality, price, and ease of use. We apologize for the trouble, but we're so happy to know that you've been enjoying your Freshly meals so far! The vegetables did not seem to be pre cooked and ended up like rubber after microwaving. I would definitely recommend Freshly, but more importantly, I recommend Valentine as an excellent representative for your company. He is Freshlys greatest asset! Pasta dishes were actually good but not worth what you end ip paying foe them. Thank you freshly for the service you provide. Freshly is fair with their pricing and they make good if the can't deliver your meals in time. The ever-changing menu keeps fresh options available, but I have my selected few meals that I enjoy and include in every order. How Freshly Works: They have always been great and have made my life simpler since Covid 19 has kept me quarantined. My husband and I will be using them for a long time! See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Tweet. We'll be sure to let him know your thoughts too! Start your review of Freshly Squeezed. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. So convenient, delivered at my home every Friday. Our chefs take care of everything for you. The only thing you need to do is enjoy. I'm truly sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with your deliveries. The pricing is very reasonable as well. Updated on 06/25/2020: I am always leery about green beans in prepared foods. I threw out a weeks worth of food. Part of me braced for defensiveness or curtness, but not from Valentine. I'm thrilled to hear how you've been pleased by our meals, and the overall convenience! Freshly has kinks to work out like mailing from phoenix. We're a weekly subscription service, but you're able to skip weeks or cancel at anytime. Please feel free to reach back out with any other questions you may have. I would recommend them to anyone! Our fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in under 2 minutes. It is salty or it would be tasteless. Spoke with Alex F. Today using the Freshly App to connect with him. The sizes are perfect for me and I generally pack some away for lunch the next day. I'll be sure to also share your feedback with our chefs. I said, "Daryl, this issue cannot be solved with money-it requires change. Freshly solved the issue. We don't have any fish meals right now, but be sure to keep an eye out on our menu for new and exciting meals headed your way! Meh. Consumers satisfied with Freshly most frequently mention customer service, fast food and healthy meals. I already told my colleagues, family that there are many competitors, but Freshly is the best in quality, taste, Epicurean’s delight, and they don’t cut corners. Freshly offers this app that is intuitive and now I find the chat option also is well monitored with personnel. It's not that the meals are just tasteless but they actually taste so bad that I had to stop eating after a couple of bites. However, they have a good selection even for me and presentation is great. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Freshly, Unboxed Freshly says its rotating menu of nearly 30 different meals is “crafted by a team of chefs, culinary scientists and nutritionists” to be both healthy and delicious, and I was immediately intrigued by the variety I saw on the site. I'll be sure to share this win with our hardworking chefs, it'll absolutely blow their socks off knowing our meals were able to capture your tastebuds! Can we clone him? Hello Steven, thank you so much for taking the time to review us! As in a previous recipe, the heat was so intense it overshadowed any other possible flavor that might have been in the dish. Using a meal delivery service has become an easy way of getting nourishing, … I do hope this helps! on September 12, 2020. We will continue to use this company as it provides healthy meals for her and is extremely easy for her to warm the fresh, delicious dinners. Many meal choices which are good portions, mostly healthy, tasty without breaking the calorie bank, and interesting to buy week after week. I have been in email communication with your staff requesting consideration using meat substitute. Updated on 06/25/2020: Boy was I looking forward to this. Best of luck with your training! To share some more information on Freshly, we design our meals to include a range of fat content (ranging from 10 grams to 30 grams per meal) and add healthy fats where possible, including nuts (like almond or coconut), oils, and cage-free eggs, for example! All of your meals are prepared and cooked by our chefs and delivered fresh (never frozen). Our fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in under 2 minutes. I cannot eat my weeks worth of freshly dinner entrées all in the same week so can some of the meals be frozen or what are they frozen previously, Sitejabber’s sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. A text reminder would be super helpful as opposed to an email. This certainly isn't something we wish upon any of our customers. | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 4,764. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. is the online home of Freshly, a company which promises their members gourmet, ready-made meals delivered directly to their door so they can effortlessly have delicious, healthy meals. Healthy, gourmet, chef-prepared meals delivered to your door. Find another company . Search. And not only that, but they're delicious and ready to eat within three minutes. He started acting like congress trying to throw money at the issue with a refund, etc. My husband and I had been enjoying Freshly for quite sometime now and we really love it. Just like if you were to cook food at home and store in your refrigerator! I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying the meals, and I hope you continue to do so! Gourmet, Chef Made Meals Delivered To Your Door. :). Thanks again, August! Sometimes, I just don't feel like cooking or going to the grocery store. Read reviews and complaints about Freshly, including meal plans, pricing, menu options, delivery and more. Meal Delivery, Members Only Retailer, Write a Review. Thanks for sharing this with us, Rosemary! Hi Martha, thank you for your review! Who is the best Meal Delivery company? Hi, We sound like a perfect fit! I'm wondering how fresh the food will be due to the delivery process. Reviews ( 6 Reviews ) Website: . Thank you for sharing this, Terry! My sons would pop them in the microwave and had a good meal whether they ate before they left for work or school, took it with tbem or ate when they got home. That's where Freshly shines. Because leaving a package in direct sunlight and refusing to knock on a door-when everyone knows it's perishable and needs to be in a refrigerator is totally unacceptable! Thanks for sharing this with us. Kerstin Kuhn. Consumers satisfied with Freshly most frequently mention customer service, fast food and healthy meals. As we continue to grow, we're looking to offer more variety in our options such as offering more vegetarian meals! I'm overjoyed to hear you're enjoying our app's chat feature! I would also like to apologize for the confusion in regards to redeeming your gift card but I'm glad to hear that Valentine was able to assist you efficiently. I love the high end, yet earth-friendly packing, packaging (please do not change a thing)! Again, it all depends! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us, David. how often over what length of time? Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Daryl was the only one that owned the issue unlike Amber at axel hires which was full of excuses and refused to accept responsibility for their driver. Thanks for reaching out, and for your question! I'm so glad that you've not only loved our meals, but also our service. Specialties: Freshly simplifies the path to healthy eating and achieving fitness goals by serving as both a "personal chef and nutritionist." Freshly – Introduction to the company: Freshly is a meal delivery service that offers a fully prepared non-frozen meal subscription. By Lydia Noyes. I asked him how this could have happened if I was informed my CC wouldn't be charged and I was simply using the service as a one-time gift (so I could be sure to inform others whom I gift this as well - it's a great gift!). Freshly gives me peace of mind knowing dinner is already prepared at the end of the day with nourishing, fresh and well-balanced ingredients. 0. Really disappointed. Lol. Thank you for being a part of Freshly! They are tested to be safe for 2 days transit time and then also safe to sit outside for up to 12 hours upon delivery. I hope this helps, Diane! We only deliver to one or two-day delivery zones, which means we're not able to reach all areas of the country at this time. Delicious & great to have meat & vegetables without out making a dinner for more than one person. Healthy, gourmet, chef prepared meals delivered to your door. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. A-OK. 4 star rating. But over all this was delicious and is a meal I would order again. We work with talented chefs to create and deliver fresh, gourmet, ready-made meals, designed to… 1 - Choose Your Meals. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying our meals and service! The food quality is high and the meal cost is a good value. Our chefs take care of everything for you. FAQ. The steak peppercorn and Chicken and rice pilaf are by far my favorite, but I regularly get 5 or 6 different dishes at a time. Give it a try for yourself and see! Thanks for being a part of Freshly! Probably due to coronavirus. Thanks again, Jeffrey! Never again. In order to redeem it I had to set up a profile. I would love to see more shrimp/fish options, although I know these can be more expensive to source. Abhor and despise could also be used interchangeably. Also I had a terrible habit of eating out almost daily, I spend less money enjoy the food just as much if not more than what I would buy going out and I end up spending less in general. I really like Honey Mustard Chicken Bowl, Chicken and Spring Pea Risotto, also many others seasonal items; if possible please add more new items to choose from. At the time it felt very user friendly, though part of me wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly - I created my profile, set up the order according to my gift certificate, selected the meals, and the date for delivery. Excellent customer service. There was not even a hint of citrus or honey at all. I completely understand your concerns! I'd be happy to pass your wonderful feedback to our chefs! We're looking forward to spending more delicious weeks with you. 3 star rating. OUTSTANDING FOOD!! Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. I’m saving money ordering out less often and these meals have really helped me with my portion control which I’ve always struggled with. Freshly is a fully gluten-free meal plan featuring seasonally fresh, nutritionally dense food up to 3 times per day. Freshly has wonderful tasting meals but they also are a company with excellent customer service! 105 Shares. Amazing dinner solution for people on the go! 1 star rating. Great service. I love Freshly! Share review. Freshly Review. Yes, they are just enough for one person. Thank you so much for your kind words and outstanding review! Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Stay safe, look after your loved ones and if you can, the ones no one looks after. I heard that Freshly is a good service overall, but oh my god I can't believe how much time I'm saving throughout the day for meal preparation. 1 - Choose Your Meals. Thank you for letting us know how we've been a perfect fit for you! 3 star rating. 2 - No Shopping, Cooking Or Cleaning. But then fast forward a week later, and I received an email stating my order had been shipped and that I would be billed $107+. Freshly is a meal subscription company that delivers fresh, pre-cooked meals to subscribers across the country on a weekly basis. But this food is the bomb!! Since we started ordering with Freshly we have been delighted by the variety of meals offered. Published on: Jan 11, 2019. Hi Mindy, thanks for sharing your remarkable customer service experience with us! Do you get charged every week whether you order or not that week? Pin 8. Daryl made us feel confident that the issue would be looked at. Liked all the food, except the Steak Peppercorn--too grisly. Hi there, Brian! I'd be happy to share your wonderful review with Alex! the meals i ordered will be here on a friday. Freshly Review – Is it Worth It? many of the reviews talk about not getting delivery of their orders. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your review. Freshly is especially convenient for me as I am single and work full-time. When my damaged order was quality- possibly safety compromised, I spent 1/2 hour in queue and that was overwhelmed. Rating: 3.5 / 5 (Very good) 28 Customer Comments & Reviews - see all comments. Thanks for being part of the Freshly fam! You can skip weeks up to three weeks in advance online, and you'll have a weekly deadline by which you can select to skip a week, or make changes to your meals! I'm sorry you weren't left fully satisfied with the meals you tried. Hi Lynn, thank you for your question! From perfecting the meals on your weekly menu to shopping for the finest, all-natural ingredients they can find. I hope we can continue to cook for you! FRESHLY—Best fresh food delivered to your doorstep!! Mel was awesome in giving me peace of mind that my meals are ok by explaining the Freshly packaging and delivery process and which let me know how long the meals are good for. I live alone and they give me a balanced delicious meal for about the same price I would spend on take out. If you enter your zip code on our homepage, you will see a "Coming Soon" message if we cannot reach you just yet. Anonymous . 72 Freshly reviews. He has different dietary needs that I do. Sort by Yelp Sort. 1. Freshly is a meal subscription service that compares to many other meal kit services out there today such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Purple Carrot.

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