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Haws refrigerated drinking fountains come in a variety of styles, including touchless and hands-off water activation, and they can also be retrofitted with a water bottle filling station, … It has a galvanized finish. See similar items. You are amazing! Watch. You can select from a unique variety of steel, stone, cast iron and stainless steel products that are not only engineered to withstand the elements, but are designed to blend in … All seems to be working and I'm about to try and get a few winks. ADA and Drinking Fountain Compliance. I will definitely keep your contact information handy for future use. The best rated drinking fountains product is the Filtered 8 GPH EZH2O ADA Stainless Steel Bi-Level Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filling Station. Symptom Solution Checklist; No cold water and compressor not running: Check voltage received by cooler - is unit plugged in? Haws manufactures drinking fountains, electric water coolers and electric drinking fountains to be lead-free by all known definitions including ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65 and the Federal Safe Drinking … The 3300G Outdoor Drinking Fountain is a square, bi-level unit with front push buttons. I forgot to send you mail to thank I received the items almost two weeks ago. Wall mounted swirl bowl design allows the 1011 to be placed securely in multiple locations without taking up excess … Very satisfied with the attention and professionalism of Mallory. Wow your web site is impressive. I will definitely continue to work with you and I look forward to placing my next order coming up soon. Feel free to forward this email to your supervisor, to let him/her know that you did an outstanding job today! Wall mounted design allows the 1109FR to be placed securely in multiple locations without taking up excess space. Check voltage received by cooler - is unit plugged in? PlumbingSupply.com ® is your source for these and many other Haws parts, and if you're looking for a quality-crafted drinking fountain , we offer those too. The higher unit is on the right. Page 1 Haws within a reasonable period after receipt of the product. The swirl bowl design with supplied back and access panels … That's great thanks so much. Antique Haws Drinking Fountain Water Cooler Cast Iron Enamel Bowl and Hardware. Mallory, spout was received today and looked great. I appreciate all of your help this is exactly what I needed. I am guessing they are fortunate to have you working for them. Check to see if cold control bulb is installed completely in the thermobulb well, see Thermobulb Well. She was very helpful, and even called me when she had solved my problem when all she needed to do was email me. Have a terrific day and I look forward to contacting you again. I called back on 2/22/2018 and spoke to another gracious young lady. Model 3621-01: Modular Outdoor Double Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance! Buy now from a trusted HAWS parts dealer. I hope you and I will have the same type as well. Thanks for your help! Is unit plugged into an outlet which is operated by a switch? Happy holidays and wonderful 2017 for you and yours. Model 3500D, "Hi-Lo" barrier-free, superior-duty vandal-resistant stainless steel pedestal drinking fountain, green powder-coated finish w/pet fountain, and 100% lead-free waterways. It looks great. Am very impressed with your professionalism and efficiency. Product is compliant to California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006). Where claims for defects are made, the defective part or parts shall be delivered to the Company, prepaid, for inspection. Check condenser to see if it is blocked by dirt/lint. Absolutely the best customer service I've ever seen with a company. I am looking forward to working with you and your company in the future. ({{totalContent}}). Sign In. or Best Offer. In closing let me thank everyone I dealt with for going above and beyond in customer service.. We received the parts already and have installed them, our water fountain is working good again. Vintage Kohler Drinking Fountain, Porcelain With Bubbler. You may have to lie on the ground and look up at it. If you have a wall mounted drinking fountain or water cooler, the model number is typically located on the bottom of it. Page 3: Troubleshooting … She was courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and represented your company very well. Please let me know if there is someone at your company who I can contact to compliment the excellent service you have provided us. Another successful hassle free order with Kully! Has made me a customer for my plumbing needs. Thank you for your excellent service!!!! "Thank you for checking my price and adjusting. I appreciate the customer service… that’s why I keep coming back! The Haws 1001MS barrier-free drinking fountain uses a patented stainless steel push-button valve assembly allowing for front access stream adjustment as well as cartridge and strainer access. The Pedestal-Mounted Series is Haws’ pedestal-mounted drinking fountain line. I inquired with a couple different vendors for this part, and only Mallory actually followed up with me. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help !!!!! Hi Mallory You are wonderful Shawn! Hi. or Best Offer. ADA and Drinking Fountain Compliance. Excellent Job! Wall mounted MS (mounting system) allows for front access of plumbing. Haws ADA electric water fountains are engineered with a heavy-duty stainless-steel skin and offer the standard 8 gallons of cold water per hour. Browse Haws drinking fountain parts diagrams below. I'm a facilities manager so I deal with a lot of people and she was an absolute joy to speak with. "We receive all the parts from outside the Company and we put them together from scratch piece by piece," he said. Problems We Solve Problem solving is an opportunity for us to do our best by finding better ways to approach your unique project. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that those with disabilities have equal access to facilities, including wheelchair access to hydration products such as drinking fountains and bottle fillers. The satin stainless steel wall mounted design with internal trap allows the 1107L to be placed securely in … You made life easy! The Haws 1107L low profile barrier free drinking fountain uses a patented stainless steel, push-button activated, valve assembly allowing for front access stream adjustment as well as cartridge and strainer access. Give her a bonus or at least a public "atta boy" (or girl in this case)! She took the time help us understand what we needed, her responses were quick and informed, and she always had a courteous attitude. It would have been easy for her to become inpatient, but she hung in there, found what I needed, and checked things which were a little picky in terms of exactly what was included. Just a little background for this testimonial. Activation for the eyewash is by a stainless steel push flag and foot treadle … Even though I had to pay customs charges, I still ordered from you as you really went above and beyond. $408.00. Model 8300. Sandy Cretu is the production leader for Haws and assembles regular water fountains. On 2/11/2018 I called in a problem with my tank wouldn't stop or flush. Katrina helped me in the live chat. Thanks for all of your help, it’s been really easy to work with you. View and Download Haws 1011 installation operation & maintenance online. Vintage White Porcelain Art Deco Drinking Water Fountain with Kohler Hardware. You are great! $189.00. I would like to give a big "thank you" to Mallory. Filter Applications . Free CEU Educational Webinar. Thank you so much for the information from Haws Corp. That was exactly what I needed to know. Equipped with vandal resistant components, this fountain … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All of you were super helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. Find the best water cooler, bottle filler, or drinking fountain, as well as the repair parts and filters needed to service them all on Equipartsdrinkingfountains.com. I received it on 2/27/2018. Excellent service!! Thank you for reaching out with the follow up. Haws Drinking Fountain Troubleshooting Guide. I am one of your strongest supporters. Touchless Water Delivery Sell Sheet. View images of the most common Haws Drinking Fountain Parts to help you easily and quickly find the repair part you need. I know where I will go for any plumbing issues I may run in to!! The young lady was super nice and tried to fix the problem with a few steps. Bingo it did as promised. Great first time experience on your site for a part I had no number on and only a visual. You are amazing, I am from the Middle East. Below is a numbered list of the most popular potential causes of high flow bubbler stream along with corrective actions to take to troubleshoot them. Filters. Was: $544.00. I called my plumber and he said he couldn't come till 3/4/2018. Check for restriction in cap line or strainer. Also for: 1011hps. Thank you again. I have already referred your company to 3 of my friends who are facilities managers with different company's \. Thanks for your response and here is what I think I need. Unfortunately, good customer service like that has become difficult to find. Drinking Fountain. Today, the number of public drinking fountains is decreasing, and it is leading to problems. In Stock and Ready to Ship Today! Haws Model 8300 combination unit features a 10" ABS plastic shower head and the twin ABS plastic anti-surge eyewash heads. Good Afternoon, We are here to … Continuous flow in all models EXCEPT EP8WM series. Alyssa helped me out today with great customer service! The drinking fountain manufactured by HAWS is. Really appreciate your providing the parts breakdown, this is a big help. $38.15 shipping. $659.45. We have been a distributor of Elkay, Oasis, Halsey Taylor, Haws, Murdock, Central Brass, and other top commercial fountain manufacturers for 10-25 years. Explore Our Other Hydration Product Types. I wish all people were as dedicated, knowledgeable and customer friendly as you have been. From the beginning of the order, to the delivery, you helped with updates and information that was very helpful and beneficial for our customer. Model 1119 Series meets current Federal Regulations for the disabled including those in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The unit is ideal for extreme weather conditions and offers enhanced legionella prevention with the Easy Activation, Easy Return™ technology. I would have given you folks a 10 but 5 was your highest rating you show. Account. Have a great day! Get super low HAWS parts prices. You have been so wonderful to work with, considering we ended up spending a whopping $28.00 with Kully Supply. Thank you so much for your help! Haws manufactures a complete line of high-quality drinking fountains. or Best Offer. For newly installed water coolers, the water pressure in your facility may be higher than … I nominate her for employee of the month! Products Thank you for making my job easier!!! Thank You again. Check to see if bubbler valve is defective or out of adjustment. Just wanted to give a pat on the back to Jessica (unfortunately I don't know her last name) who helped me through your online chat function today. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that those with disabilities have equal access to facilities, including wheelchair access to hydration products such as drinking fountains and bottle fillers. Haws H1011.8 Drinking Fountain Trim Set, needs HCR8 & MTGFR.LG to complete assem. She was very helpful in helping me find a replacement cleanout cover for our facility here in Alaska. I am going on the website right now and placing the order for everything. Shop the largest selection of Haws products here. It still wouldn't stop running. Was: $1,199.00. ), Thanks Mallory, reps like you make my job easier. The install was fairly simple with the exception of having to change the P trap location in order to fit the new foot control ... but it works great! Karaley I knew it was only a matter of time with her ability to treat people someone would see that. I have been dealing with Flushmate Customer Service for over two weeks. Check wires. Drinking Fountains and Electric Drinking Fountains Haws manufactures a complete line of high-quality drinking fountains and electric water coolers for your specific project needs. I am very happy to deal with you. Thank you very much. Thank you! Again, thank you for updates and accuracy of your delivery time for this order. 1011 Outdoor Fountain pdf manual download. thank you for the good service and kindness to help in such a kind way. Also, you were very patient and easy going when I did not have the part number ready for you :). She truly is a great person and I have enjoyed getting to know her. Jeff J. Shealyn B. was wonderful to work with! We work as a team to build momentum, we tackle every challenge along the way, and we share a clear vision of our mutual success at the end of the road. Thanks for your help with this. Thanks so much, have a good weekend. HAWS 3202G Barrier Free Galvanized Steel Pedestal Drinking Fountain- NEW IN BOX. Watch. On Haws wall-mounted drinking fountains, the model number is most commonly located underneath the bottom of the unit. Check for vibrations caused by loose fan blade. ({{totalProducts}}), Content hi Mallory I would not hesitate to deal with Kully in the future. Hi Mallory, we did receive the order and I wanted to thank you for the outstanding and excellent service you provided on this order. We did it! She said she would send me out a new cartridge and It should arrive in about 3 days. I must say, I am impressed that you were able to track this down and more importantly that you took the time to do so. I am shocked that the order went through as promised without any problems. I'm so thankful for this sight and If I need any parts in the future I will come to this sight first. You are truly helpful. Just made me a lifetime customer!". I will use your company again! Elkay Water Fountain Troubleshooting Water Stream from Bubbler is Too High. Thank you Mallory! Have a great week!!! We installed the replacement spout today! Thank you for taking the time to contact the manufacturer about the exact replacement part, Mallory. A stainless steel pull rod operates a stay open shower valve and is equipped with a stainless steel stem. $300.00. Worked beautifully. The series features heavy-duty steel construction and protective powder-coated surfaces. AXION® MSR Freeze-Protected Shower and Eye/Face Wash. Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that all items that I have ordered from you have arrived, once again an outstanding customer service and just a great person to work with. The customer service reps that I spoke with were polite and went above and beyond to track down the information I was looking. Managers always here when things go wrong but rarely do they when they go right. On floor mounted drinking fountains and water coolers the model number will usually be on the very bottom of the unit, on the side or on the inside of one of the … She did what she said she would do in a timely fashion. ... Haws® (19) Kenmore (2) Murdock (20) Oasis (21) While my tank was not one on their recall she still said she would send me out a whole new tank. Download & Print PDF. View Products Downloads. The Halsey Taylor water fountain at the church was streaming the water to fast and to long and when I Chatted with Mallory she was very helpful by downloading the owners manual for me and telling me how to adjust the pressure from the outside.

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