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Weighing in at just under three ounces, yet it packs the performance of knives weighing two or three times as much. Which Para 2 Should I Get? Wait for the K390 Endura that's coming out later this year. A battle that we've all been waiting for! If you watched the video up top then you are probably aware of all of the many awesome variations of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Those features revolutionized the knife industry and literally defined the form of the modern folding knife. Spyderco C223PBK Para 3 Black $ 98.00 Add to cart; Spyderco SCH02 Genzow Hatchet/Tomahawk. Check out the Spyderco custom knife modifications we do in-house. If you don’t own a Spyderco… well you must be from another planet. Out of Stock . A battle that we've all been waiting for!YOU CAN BUY STICKERS NOW! Initially, the company focused on selling sharpeners, but in 1981, the Glessers put down roots in Golden, Colorado and introduced the first Spyderco folding knife. the manix 2 is a superb knife for a quick story about Sal Glesser i had drew a design in school and and thought this design is pretty good so i decided to send it to spyderco with a little letter and for some reason i mentioned it in theat note and a couple of days later Sal sent me a manix 2 … Spyderco para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife with 3.42" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GP2 4.8 out of 5 stars 578 $151.20 $ 151 . Related Posts Knife Party Benchmade Bugout G-10 Scales Mod. As a dealer, we select the best of the best in the Spyderco line, but if there is something you want but don’t see below, we can get it fast through their comprehensive distribution network. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Signature Knife with 2.92" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Durable FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C223PBBK 4.7 out of 5 stars 179. Model # SP-C101PBORE2 ... Spyderco Para 3 Sprint Diamond Arc Forest Green G10 CPM S45VN C223GPFGR . Doesn’t feel like a $100+ knife. 20 ($31.50/oz) para 3 lw spyderco. Spyderco Paramilitary 3 G-10 Scale Set. Shipping is included.Make sure to visit White Mountain Knives at and get your discount by using the code SDWMK at checkout!If you enjoy these videos and want to see more, please support us on Patreon at Thanks in advance.Check out the Slicey Dicey Podcast at me out on Instagram @sliceydicey75 and Facebook at Email me at - You can also just donate to the channel via PayPal to the very same address.If you want to contact me the old-fashioned way or send stuff for me to review, my address is…Slicey DiceyPO Box 18672Rochester, NY 14618 Spyderco SCH02 Genzow Hatchet/Tomahawk $ 189.00 Add to cart; Spyderco MGREP Manbug Lockback Brit Green. Paramilitary 2. The translucent blue Manix 2 Lightweight is a knife that seems to defy the laws of physics. 6 months ago. Out of Stock . This is a truly global company with worldwide distribution and manufacturing resources in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and China. The stickers in the background are now available! As I mentioned before, CPM S30V is usually regarded as the best knife steel out there because it is very strong and fairly resistant to corrosion… Your email address will not be published. We offer some add-on services to customize your knife even more. The Para 3 takes all the proven features and benefits of Spyderco’s best-selling Para Military™2 and distills them into an even more compact all-purpose cutting tool. Retaining the intuitive and strong compression lock, the Para 3 is a reliable EDC tool that will offer all day comfort at just 3.4 ounces. The Manix 2 also boasts a nice-sized lanyard pipe suited for standard paracord. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The knife bears the Spyderco pocket clip, mounted fairly high on the knife for a deep carry. Pre-Owned Spyderco SC152PGY Lil Lum Nishijin, Spyderco SC152PGY Chaparral Grey Lockback, Spyderco SCBEAD5LY Pewter Flat Bug w/Lanyard, Spyderco TK01MD Medium Thrower with Sheath, Pre-Owned Spyderco Lil Lum Chinese Linerlock (C), Spyderco C223GPDBL Para 3 Compression Lock *. More of a Sophie's choice. Personally I carry a Para 3 … Our modifications have grown significantly since the beginning and we wanted to get them on one page. Well... Maybe not a death match. The pocket clip is reversible, which allows for ambidextrous tip up carry. Spyderco Paramilitary 3 G-10 Scale Set. The Spyderco Paramilitary 3 is also built with high-quality materials. The Manix 2 is a dependable, all-purpose folding knife that showcases Spyderco’s Made-in-USA quality and patented Ball Bearing Lock™. New items are always being added so check the page frequently. Manix 2 vs Paramilitary 2 The Manix 2 comes with more jimping so provides a little more traction. Now there's a working knife. It's available in several different handle/blade variations and a regular or lightweight set-up. YOU CAN BUY STICKERS NOW! Spyderco Paramilitary 2 vs Manix 2 : I find the Manix 2 equally comfortable in my hand compared to the PM2. Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Sprint REX 45 Burnt Orange FRCP C101PBORE2 . Its broad blade is precision machined from Crucible’s premium CPM ® S30V ® particle metallurgy stainless steel and features a full-flat grind for an exceptional balance of edge geometry and strength. Just as with the Para 2, the Para 3 is available in many different blade steels, but the most common is CPM S30V. The Spyderco Para 3 is a compact version of the spectacular Paramilitary 2 folding knife. Spyderco Paramilitary 2/3 Lanyard Tube. Spyderco Paramilitary 2/3 Lanyard Tube. 50 ($48.31/oz) The Spyderco Para 3 offers the same great ergonomics of the Paramilitary 2 in a smaller, more urban friendly package. Regular price $ 24.99 Sale price $ 24.99 Sale. The blade is 3.0” with a 2.62” cutting edge per Spyderco’s specifications, versus the PM2’s 3.44” and 3.00” cutting edge, which means it’s legal to carry in places that restrict legal blade length to under 3” – like Chicago. Spyderco also boasts an impressive portfolio of patents, trademarks, and industry awards. No Comment. $112.00. Spyderco Manix 2 Signature Folding Knife with 3.37" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Durable Black G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C101GP2 joe. Like its bigger brother, the Para 3 has the Compression Lock, textured G-10 scales, and a full-flat ground blade. Spyderco was founded in 1976 by Sal and Gail Glesser. Like I mentioned before, the Paramilitary 2 is a more compact version of the Military model (and the Para 3 is an even smaller design in the Spyderco Military model family)…. Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight C101PBL2 - CTS-BD1N Blade - Translucent Blue FRCP Handles. That knife pioneered the concept of a round hole in the blade for one-handed opening, a clip on the handle for carry at the top of the pocket, and the option of a serrated edge for aggressive cutting performance. 50 ($40.77/oz) $199.95 $199.95 Regular price $ 74.99 Sale price $ 74.99 Sale. Since then, Spyderco has steadily grown to become a leader in the knife industry. BD1 steel then upgraded steel. Just PayPal $5 to It may seem like these features have always been a part of a folding knife, but Spyderco is the one responsible for bringing them to production folders. I would suggest the G10 Para 3 over the LW version. The blade length on the Para 2 is 3.42 inches long, and the handle comes in at 4.82 inches long. Or even the Manix 2 LW. The stickers in the background are now available! You will see regrinds, ano jobs, acid wash, and others. See also every evergreen knife in the Spyderco line up (and to be fair, lots of knife companies do this). Model # SP-C223GPFGR . Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Midnight Blue Folding Knife with 3.42" CPM S110V Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GPDBL2 4.8 out of 5 stars 289 $185.50 $ 185 . Spyderco’s best-selling Para 3 folding knife distilled all the key qualities of their time-tested Para Military™ 2 model into an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. See the original LW knife in Spyderco’s line up—the Manix 2 LW. Spyderco C101PBK2 Manix 2 Black $ 101.50 Add to cart; Spyderco C223PBK Para 3 Black Lightweight. The selection and range of materials is outstanding. Also, the PM2’s pocket clip has four mounting positions versus only two on the Manix. Spyderco Para 3 Signature Folding Knife with 2.95" Stainless Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C223GP 4.9 out of 5 stars 236 $143.50 $ 143 .

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