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Keep in mind that these countries are not superior to the other twelve Middle Eastern … Western Asia. Part of a free collection of online English vocabulary lessons for adult ESOL beginners, Elementary English students, and young learners. Bahrain is an island nation which is between the Northeastern coastal region of Saudi Arabia and the Qatar peninsula. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 worldatlas.com. The official language is Arabic and Islam is the official religion. … Its territory also encompasses the Sinai Peninsula, which shares borders with Israel and Palestine. The Middle East is an intercontinental area which is centered on North Africa (Egypt), Turkey (which is in both Europe and Asia) and Western Asia. List of Middle Eastern countries by population. In this article, however, we will highlight the 18 countries that are unambiguously part of the Middle East. Iraq is almost entirely landlocked, except for a 36-mile long area located along the Persian Gulf. It has vast natural gas reserves and the third biggest oil reserves on earth. The Middle Eastern countries list and Middle Eastern capitals list are alphabetical. The United Arab Emirates are composed of seven emirates covering 32,300 sq mi at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi is the capital while Dubai is the largest city. The services sector makes up the largest part of the country's economy and employs approximately 65% of the population. This area is extremely rich in terms of culture, history and religion. This gem in the Persian Gulf is home to scorching desert and scenic shorelines. View Set. The Middle East: Countries - Map Quiz Game: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have some of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Jordan was part of the Ottoman Empire which was partitioned after the First World War by the French and the British. Qatar has the highest per capita income on earth. Qatar is along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, where it covers an area of 4,471 square miles. Iraq gained their independence from the British on October 3, 1932, and was declared republic on July 14, 1958. BROWSE SIMILAR CONCEPTS. Sometimes, the definition of Middle East is extended to include the concept of the "Greater Middle East" that includes Afghanistan, the Comoros, Djibouti, Maghreb, Pakistan, Sudan, and Somalia. Iraq has a population of over 37,202,572 people. The majority of employment opportunities (roughly 60%) are in the public sector. Jordan became a British protectorate which gained their independence in 1946. Islam is the largest religion in the region. Lebanon is one of the smallest, non-island countries in the Middle East, covering an area of 4,036 square miles. Turkey has a population of 80,810,525 as of 2017 and covers 302,455 sq mi. The Middle East comprises seventeen countries in total. It is home to diverse racial groups which includes Arabs, Armenians, Yazidis, Shabakis, Turkmen and Assyrians among others. Iran has coastlines along the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, and the Gulf of Oman. Sometimes, the definition of Middle East is extended to include the concept of the "Greater Middle East" that includes Afghanistan, the Comoros, Djibouti, Maghreb, Pakistan, Sudan, and Somalia. Sitting at the southwestern tip of the peninsula, Yemen's only land borders are with Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the east. Table. Sabich Sandwich 29 mins Ratings. It is an Arabic constitutional monarchy state in the Persian Gulf. This has important public health implications regarding neonatal mortality in the Middle East region. Therefore the Jewish Agency declared the independence of Israel on May 14, 1948, and the 1948 Israeli-Arab war saw them take over their previous territory. There are over sixty It is the only Asian country with both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea coasts.Petroleum was discovered in 1938 in Saudi Arabia, and since then it has become the leading oil exporter and producer which controls the sixth biggest gas reserves and one of the vast oil reserves on earth. The Syrian Arab Republic borders the Mediterranean Sea as well as Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. Palestine shares borders with both Israel and Jordan and the country claims ownership of the Gaza Strip and West Bank regions. by penglover_UwU Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Arabs constitute the largest ethnic group in the Middle East, followed by various Iranian peoples and then by Turkic speaking groups (Turkish, Azeris, and Iraqi Turkmen). Il est généralement placé après le nom et s'accorde avec le nom (ex : un ballon bleu, une balle bleue). The Arab League established the All-Palestine government on September 22, 1948. Check out the most popular study sets created by our community. The Lebanese gained their independence from the French in 1943 and created a consociationalism-kind of a political system which involved power sharing based on the religious groups.Lebanon has the highest GDP per capita and Human Development Index in the Arab world. On the basis of geography, the report is segmented into GCC countries, Isreal, Turkey and the Rest of the Middle East. It has a population size of approximately 33 million, 90% of which identify as Arabs. However, the tourism industry in Oman is growing rapidly. In contrast, Bahrain is the Middle Eastern country with the smallest total area. Since it is such a pivotal place, knowing its geography is an important part of any educational curriculum. Iraq's economy has an unemployment rate that averages between 18% and 30%, and a GDP per capita of only $4,000. The nation is home to the seventh-largest oil reserves in the world as well as the seventeenth-largest national gas reserves. It is in the northeastern parts of Arabia. The capitals of Middle Eastern countries are attached with countries that are Middle Eastern. The phrase ''the Middle East'' came into wider usage during the early twentieth century as a replacement of the name ‘’Near East’’. What Is The Difference Between Near East and Middle East? Israel occupies an area of about 8,019sq miles and has a population of over 8,888,770 people. Many Asian and Middle Eastern countries are not taking any actions to reduce trans fatty acid (TFA) in the food supply despite the high mortality rates from TFA consumption. This country has one of the largest economies in the Middle East, with a GDP of around $377 billion. The vast majority (92%) of the population identify as Sunni Muslims. Syria covers 71,500 sq mi and has a population of over 17 million. “You’re going to see a lot of great activity. Of the UAE's 9.2 million population, only 1.4 million are Emirati citizens, the rest being expatriates. Ankara is the capital city and Istanbul is the largest city. Yemen is bordered by several water bodies, namely the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Guardafui Channel, and the Arabian Sea. It has a high-income economy which is backed by their vast oil reserves. The country is a member of both OPEC and the United Nations, as well as several other international organizations. Classic Homemade Falafel 90 mins Ratings. early twentieth century as a replacement of the name ‘’Near East’’. Country profiles: Middle East . The economy and gross domestic product (GDP) of Iran rely on the services sector. Talk of the Middle East and oil has made it seem as if every country in the Middle East were an oil-rich, oil-producing exporter. Tag Archives: Middle Eastern countries. The bulk of the nation sits in Anatolia. The Middle East … Iran is home to the largest supply of natural gas in the world and the fourth-largest supply of oil reserves. Level: Grades 6-12 Materials: internet connection and projector or prepared powerpoint with maps of the Middle East such as those below. Defence spending by Middle East countries is some $44 billion a year less than previously thought, according to analysis by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). For part 4, click here. See the following table for full list of Middle East countries: The country occupies an area of about 119,500sq miles and has a population of over 4,424,762 people. Oman is located along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, giving it a long coastline along the Arabian Sea. Photo: Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca / flickr / CC-BY 2.0. If a definition of Middle East is not expanded to a Greater Middle East, this geographical area counts 18 countries: Egypt, Iran, West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, the Gaza Strip (technically a territory), Cyprus, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirat… As of 2019, there are a total of sixteen countries in Middle East. Syria is located in the western region of the Middle East and covers an area of 71,500 square miles. The country borders the Persian Gulf as well as Oman and Saudi Arabia. EOS in middle-income countries was more likely to be due to Gram-negative pathogens and less likely to be susceptible to empirical antibiotic therapy. 1. It has a population size of just over 6 million, which is recognized for its diverse cultural and ethnic background. Many translated example sentences containing "Middle Eastern countries" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Iraq is an Asian nation which is bordered by Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. The Middle East’s internet penetration rate … As mentioned above, the countries of the region share several features in common. (Eastern Mediterranean) moyen-oriental, moyen-orientale adj adjectif: modifie un nom. References Edit ^ Calculated, when available, from the latest national censuses or most recent official estimates (many of which are cited in their respective column), using the exponential formula shown on the List of countries by past and future population article. In 1961, Cyprus became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations after gaining its independence from Great Britain, and in 2004 it was accepted as a member of the European Union. centered on North Africa (Egypt), Turkey (which is in both Europe and Asia) and Qatar occupies an area of about 4,471sq miles with a population of over 2,641,669 people. It covers an area of 295 square miles and has a population size of just over 1.42 million. Other popular languages include Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, and Turkish. Algeria. These are Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Top 10 Middle Eastern Sandwich Recipes Green Shakshuka 40 mins Ratings. The country shares a border with Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Iran has the fourth biggest oil reserve on the planet, and it is the largest natural gas supplier. As expected, Arabic is the most spoken language here. Practice makes perfect! Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab nation which occupies a bigger part of the Arabian Peninsula. The Middle East is composed of 14 different countries that differ massively from each other, have boundaries and share borders. The sector makes up around 50% of Kuwait's GDP. Yemen is along the southwestern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, where it covers a total area of 203,850 square miles. This country has a population size of over 2.67 million, 2.3 million of which are foreign nationals. How Many Countries Are There In The Middle East. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Lebanon became one of the provinces to fall under the French rule. It covers an area of between 8,019 and 8,522 square miles and has a population size of approximately 8.75 million. Sana'a is the capital and largest city of Yemen. The United Kingdom officially annexed Cyprus in 1914 after being placed under their rule in 1878. The oil industry of Iraq makes up about 95% of its foreign exchange revenue. Jordan is located between the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia, and has coastlines along both the Dead and Red Seas. Egypt country profile . Yet, the reality is at odds with that assumption. to the north and Oman to the east. Geographically, the Middle East encompasses regions of North Africa and Western Asia. Kuwait is a western Asian nation which is on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia right on the tip of the Gulf OF Persia. Even further, countries in Central Asia and Transcaucasia might be integrated into the group of Middle East countries. Some travelers choose to steer clear of the Middle East as a whole because they believe the entire region is dangerous. Bahrain had a population of approximately 1,234,571 people by 2010, and this included the 666,172 foreigners. The country covers an area of 119,500 square miles and has a population size of around 4.42 million. Geography Quiz / Middle Eastern Countries Random Geography or Country Quiz Can you name the countries of the Middle East? The majority of individuals in Saudi Arabia speak 1 of 3 Arabic dialects: Najdi, Hejazi, and Gulf. Which countries are part of the Middle East? There’s going to be peace in the Middle East,” Trump said. Majority of the regions claimed by Palestine have been part of Israel since 1967. This high percentage of foreigners is primarily due to Kuwait's petroleum industry, which attracts a number of foreign workers. This large percentage of foreign-born residents is due to the natural gas and oil industries, which draw a significant number of immigrant workers every year. Because of these demographics, as well as various other factors, Yemen's population is expected to reach 60 million by 2050. Egypt is a Mediterranean nation which is surrounded by Libya, Sudan, Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, Israel and the Gaza strip.

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