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COMMENDATIONS: As you can imagine, we receive a lot of email messages. You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think, Page 95. Psychologists have long argued that these feelings of random (but unacted upon) lust, feelings of curious sexuality, or even feelings of desire that are acted upon if no one is hurt (the same feelings that Comfort denounces as filthy and sinful), are natural and involuntary. Movie producer Ray Comfort has produced a firestorm on YouTube with the 36-minute documentary on evolution entitled “Evolution vs. God”. Heathen: Yes. God is the parachute. Here’s a quick test. David Kitts, an evolutionary paleontologist, said 'Despite the bright promise that … Since the human brain is hard-wired to detect patterns, we base nature as designed based on our experience of human artifacts. E. O. Wilson. The volumes included one extra item not found in the original book: an introduction by creationist Ray Comfort, which offers arguments against the theory of evolution. Comfort is not interested in any intellectual debates; rather, he is more interested in a large audience (the bigger, the better). Truly, the Bible is a more trustworthy source than modern genetics and sociology. He also cohosts the award–winning television program Way of … However, personal experience is not sufficient both because it cannot be empirically tested, and personal experiences can produce countless feelings that seem real but are, in fact, not. It's coming this Saturday from 12 to six Eastern time and get this We've got Ken Hamm Ray Comfort, Jason Lyle and eight other speakers for a total of 11 speakers, and each of them are going to do a 15 minute Ted Talk style message so you're gonna get bombarded with all kinds of truth and you're gonna get equip so sign up again this. [citation NOT needed] He admits that any person can be saved and cleansed of sin the second they repent, making Christianity a get-out-of-jail-free card. Comfort’s video clearly illustrates that evolution is not science—evolution is theory; the film plainly shows that belief in evolution is not scientific; belief in evolution is faith—blind faith. Ray comfort evolution. In his book Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups, he openly admitted in the introduction that he knew he was quote-mining but went ahead anyway because lying for Jesus is justifiable. The same goes for several other branches of science. Evolution only deals with biology and explaining biodiversity. Ray Comfort November 27, 2020 Resources The Evidence Bible The Evidence Bible This apologetics Bible will enrich your trust in God and give you powerful and compelling evidence, not only for the existence of God, but for the inspiration of Holy Scripture. See also the missing link and Ray Comfort's stunt.. further reading. Lamarck's concept pre-dated Darwin. Evangelist Ray Comfort: Homosexuality Is a Choice, https://web.archive.org/web/20160101050119/https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9GrY96_T5lw. There's a problem loading this menu right now. That is what Jesus Christ did for you. Comfort claims, "This will take place after an Israeli peace initiative has been successful (Ezekiel 38:11). The DVD cover photo for Ray Comfort's new Evolution VS. God film. The more a nation gets into darkness, the more it's going to hate the light. Cancer, then, is just God teaching you a lesson. Learn More → How to be Free From the Fear of Death How to be Free From The Fear of Death With no escape from this fate, we understandably have a fear of dying. Calvary Chapel espouses a premillennial eschatology in which Christ's Second Coming and thousand-year reign as King of the Earth will occur after the rapture and tribulation. A compelling presentation of the faith-based nature of evolutionism. Furthermore, even a verifiable personal experience may only apply to certain circumstances; if I experience illness as the result of eating a particular food, for example, it's not necessarily the case that that food is universally harmful (e.g., I may have an allergy to that food). It is only 38 minutes long so if you have time you should check it out. In the broader culture, it is assumed that evolution is a fact, and creation is a religious belief. And that is Ray's goal, not to see if a person is good or not, but to draw people into his religion by making them feel guilty for breaking Jewish laws, claim they will face punishment, then offer them salvation (Jesus) and reward (Heaven). ", List of fallacious quotes by creationists, Ray Comfort in response to atheist James D. Franz, Many, many people talk of their love and experience of God; how could they be wrong. He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. But if someone hands you a parachute you take it, cause it will save you. Dr. Jason Lisle, ICR "The only thing scientific about the theory of evolution is that it is science fiction. In 1858, at the urging of friends, he prepared a brief paper which was read before the royal Society along with the paper wallace had written. He based 'Way of the Master' on insights and lectures originally published at some point between 1982 and 1984 in "Hell's Best Kept Secret". As I sat behind his angled vehicle, I quietly said, “No problem sir. Creation Science Review. If you were on a plane that was crashing and were handed a Mona Lisa, you would cast it aside—it's nice, but not when your life is on the line. Millions believe that Darwinian evolution is a scientific fact. And Comfort complaining about quote mining detonated irony meters across the globe. So, by your own admission, you are a lying, thieving, adulterous, blasphemer, and when Jesus comes again on judgment day, how do you think he's going to treat you? It was released August 7, 2013 and is about 38 minutes in length. Ray comfort evolution vs god. Of course Ethiopia isn't communist any more (since 30 years), but never mind. Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and a bestselling author who has written more than 90 books, including God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, How to Know God Exists, and The Evidence Bible. Shaking the foundations of faith 38min documentary short 22 july 2013 usa ray comfort new zealand born evangelist takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution along with four evolutionary biologists. Dr. Frank Turek, CrossExamined.org It is also presented in practically every gospel tract printed and distributed by Way of the Master. [90] Comfort knows that was naughty, and said so himself.[91]. Evolution is unobservable. "Absolutely excellent." BELLFLOWER, CA (ANS) -- A TV co-host and author of a new book called, Intelligent Design Versus Evolution—Letters to an Atheist has challenged Bill Maher to a public debate.. Ray Comfort maintains, “Mr. In the past and possibly the present, other family members received some money, but less than $100,000.[10]. In this book Comfort displays more than ever that he is a snake oil salesman, starting with the quote on the dust cover that cancer is the "modern day leprosy."[11][72]. Jesus said, ‘Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart.’ Have you looked with lust? "[75] He used material posted by atheists on the site to help him write quite a bit of very profitable Godly material, including his book You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think. Comfort: Well, let's find out if you are a good person. Second: As for stealing, Comfort includes even children are held accountable (going against the Christian doctrine Age of Accountability, which holds that children are born in sin, they are not accountable for their actions). Evolution is based more on faith than the belief in God. On his Living Waters ministry website:[58]. Then read your Bible daily and obey it. Fossil and embryological evidence supports the existence of a lineage from early fishes which developed accessory breathing organs as pouches branching off their guts (and breathed by swallowing air), which then were modified over time to become the separate lungs of the early amphibians. ), Famines, disease (pestilence), increases in. False Bible teachers will have many followers, be money-hungry (Comfort himself of course is not money-hungry), and slander the Christian faith (, Wars and rumors of wars; Nation rising against nation and intimidating each other. The clip, posted in 2006, demonstrates why the world needs better science education, which was one of the goals behind the recent creationism debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. In 2009, the National Geographic News reported that leading scientists were asked for their picks of the most important fossils that show evolution in action. He is the founder of Living Waters ministry. Ever heard of the, How about a motor that was made without a motor engineer? The point is, all these things were made naturally without a designer. What Comfort repeatedly fails to do is actually test and produce empirical data or a testable model that proves his narrow version of God. "Wow! Or what about the entire solar system orbiting the center of the galaxy about every 225 million years; plus, the milky way galaxy itself—with everything containing it it, including the Earth—is moving. Engaging." Dr. James White, Alpha & Omega Ministries "Absolutely excellent." "Fascinating. If God uses such events to send us messages, it's reasonable to question the morality of the sender of those messages. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything or used God’s name in vain? Raymond "Ray" Comfort (1949–), also known as Banana Man,[3] is an amazing mustache attached to a Protestant Christian author, video producer, street preacher, and liar for Jesus. CBN.com – Is Bill Maher a Chicken?. You take your time. A Review of the video Evolution vs. God: shaking the foundations of faith, by Matthew R. McClure. However, there will be a big change. Comfort: Jesus said that anybody who looked at a women in lust is guilty of adultery in his heart. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the future; humanity will be selfish, materialistic, arrogant, proud. "Fascinating and eye-opening. Creation Science Review. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 23, 2014. The tracts were quite clearly not government-issued:[78], After being contacted by a North Carolina bank at which a customer had attempted to cash one of these tracts,[81] US Secret Service agents arrived at Great News Network, an evangelist organization linked to Comfort and Cameron's Way of the Master ministry,[82] and seized their stock of 8,300 "Million Dollar" gospel tracts, on threat of arrest. This is not true. "[62] As with all claims of this nature, Ray's God displays remarkably poor and indiscriminate aim, and shocking disregard for collateral damage: since most of the purportedly "guilty" are left untouched, and many of the faithful and innocent (especially children) are killed. If you have done those things God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. Gills pre-date lungs; however, several fish have modified parts of their gut to exchange atmospheric gases. It was released August 7, 2013 and is about 38 minutes in length. Apart from Russia attacking Israel, Comfort believes that the end of times as predicted in the Bible is coming. The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. Absolutely, behold the. Dr. James White, Alpha & Omega Ministries Don't waste your money, unless you enjoy being dumbed-down by morons. When something of appropriate mass—say, an appropriately sized asteroid—happens to jump on the earth, the earth may be so moved that it changes its orbit. Jayson Payne, Museum Curator, Creation & Earth History Museum Movie producer Ray Comfort has produced a firestorm on YouTube with the 36-minute documentary on evolution entitled “Evolution vs. God”. The first veins may not have been veins as we picture them, but as some form of muscle that would assist in blood flow. if your arm muscles are strong from constant weight lifting, then your offspring will have more muscular arms). What Ray Comfort brings is constant struggle to live up to moral standards that no human being can reach. Review: Ray Comfort's -- 'EVOLUTION vs. GOD' By Michael Bresciani. [....] If the Lord commanded me to rape and kill my own children tonight, it would be done by morning." Usually the argument proceeds as a list of questions:[46][47]. Jesus himself is fine with stealing where he tells his disciples to go into town and take a horse without paying for it, regardless if the owner is willingly or not to give up the horse (Mark 11:2-4, Matthew 21:2-3, and Luke 19:30-31). Ray comfort evolution vs god. The reason why these experiences seem real is because the area of the brain (amygdala, hippocampus, limbic system, etc.) He who says “Don’t ram your message down my throat!” diagnoses his problem. That does seem as if the Bible has no idea what it thinks.

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