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Our food is a communal share plate, rooted in multi-cultural foodways, with a commitment to local and sustainable ingredients.

Meet our family of beans!

  • Plant-Based Protein

  • USA Farms

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Real Whole Foods

Transparency Matters

Our values
  • White Beans

    North Dakota, Minnesota & Michigan

  • Pinto Beans

    North Dakota

  • Black Beans

    North Dakota, Minnesota & Michigan

“Beanitos has been a perfect match for The Good Bean’s family of products. Not only did both brands pioneer categories in the same year, we also share a fundamental set of values. Connecting food to the farm has always been central to my passion, and The Good Bean and Beanitos have always been grounded in a sustainable and diverse planet, delicious whole foods, and plant-based nutrition."


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