As a first-generation immigrant woman trying to find her way in this new world,

Food and food memories played a critical role in tethering me to my multi-cultural identity and experience. I grew up in the buzzy, bustling metropolis of Mumbai, a true melting pot of Indian food cultures, especially street food. From my first days as an undergrad, I craved the smoky, spicy, vibrant flavors I would find at every street-corner back at home. While roaming my adopted city’s immigrant neighborhoods soothed my soul a bit, I longed for the tangy and spicy snacks and nibbles I grew up with.

While The Good Bean’s food and flavors are rooted in my multi-cultural heritage and global palate,

My commitment to ingredients is strictly local and sustainable. We partner with small farmers throughout the US to source our beans, promote regenerative farming, and do our best to ensure that we carefully chaperone our beans from the fields into our bags. We are proud of the impact our company’s growth (thanks to your support and love of our products!) has made on agriculture because of the nutrients beans put back in the soil. The more beans we buy, the more land is allocated to growing them, and taking away from growing crops like wheat, sugar and tobacco, which we can all agree is not good for the earth or our bodies!

We don’t think of what we do as an act of selling,

We think of it as an act of sharing our history, our passions and our values

In a way, the diverse cultures now being represented on grocery store shelves, restaurants and magazines, are a communal share plate for our society, and a sign of hope for the world.