Neon Sign that says: City Of Austin

Born in
Austin, Texas

In 2010, an intrepid group of adventurers in Austin, TX invented the first-ever bean tortilla chip. From Day 1, our chips have celebrated the nutritional power of beans, and that bold Texan flavor. Giddy up!

Collage of animals, plants, and farm equipment in the shape of Texas

Grown on Local Family Farms

We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and working with domestic family farms. The beans in this bag were grown by our farm-partners in Michigan, North Dakota, and Nebraska!

Bowl of multicolored, uncooked beans

Made With...

Non-GMO plant based ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial!

Bowl of Beanitos chips with queso dip

The Result

Our tortilla chips are light, crispy and dip worthy! They are a source of plant-based protein, contain 4g of fiber, and only 11g of net carbs per serving!

Cropped image of Mural that reads 'Austin, Texas. Don't mess with Texas'